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Chinese Speech Competition

On 1st, April 2016, Tong (9RM) attended the Senior Level of a Chinese Speech Competition at the Thai Chinese International School. She prepared the speech very well, but she did not get a medal because of the fierce competition. I am sure she will learn from the experience, and next year we hope to send more students to the competition. Well done, Tong. The school are very proud of your efforts.

Chinese Speech Competition

By Lu Han, Mandarin Teacher

SALAD in Science

Students in Year 7 were given the challenge of teaching each other about the phases of the moon in an interesting and creative way.

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They completed this task during this term’s Speaking And Listening All Day and so were encouraged to present their ideas without using pens. Points were awarded for creativity, teamwork and the accuracy of their information and despite tough competition the winners were Amy, Catalina and Ichigo who rapped and danced through new, crescent, quater, gibbous and full moons!

Coming Up In Boarding

Last weekend’s activity was a paint-balling trip which a small number of our boys attended. I think they enjoyed the opportunity to shoot at staff members! Much fun was had, and importantly no injuries! There was also an impromptu football game between the students and the boarding staff. Although outnumbered and with a low percentage of the possession, I am pleased to say that the staff were triumphant displaying some effective counter-attacking football.

Coming up this weekend we have organised a BBQ social on Friday evening. Saturday during the day is one of our service projects. We have some students from a local football initiative, aimed at keeping young children off the streets, coming to use our facilities. We will organise a small tournament for them and finish with a refreshing dip in the swimming pool. On Saturday evening students will be able to visit the mall for some shopping, to watch and movie, and/or have dinner.

By Mr. Gavin Terry, Head of Boys’ Boarding

Find out more about boarding here.

The Golden Jubilee Museum of Agriculture Trip

Year 9 had an education trip to The Golden Jubilee Museum of Agriculture on Wednesday,16th March.

They have gained experience on Thai History and Culture as well as learnt more about Thai agriculture and the life of Thai people in the past.

We hope to grow rice and build a soil house next time!

Partial Solar Eclipse

On Wednesday the 9th of March at 07:38am Regents International School students were lucky enough to view one of the rarest celestial events, an eclipse of the Sun.

The Sun was partially eclipsed for nearly 2 hours and at its maximum coverage, 41% was hidden from our view by the Moon.

Many students took part and viewed the event through pin hole cameras, the camera on their mobile device and most successfully by looking through a CD. All of these methods made it safe see what was happening and gave us all an unforgettable experience.

By Mr. Marc Curran, Head of Secondary Science

Secondary Weekly Debate

Each week, all staff and students are invited to contribute to a weekly debate. Have a look at what we’ve been debating this week.

Follow this link:

2016 Thailand Maths Challenge Finalist Results

British International School, Phuket (BISP) and Rangsit University’s College of Information and Communication Technology are proud to announce the winner of the 2015-16 Thailand Maths Challenge. Yu Qing Wu from Bangkok Patana school turned in a incredibly impressive performance to claim first place. Her achievement is all the more impressive given that she is still only in Year 11 at school and was competing with students up to two years older than herself.
The finalists round was held at Rangsit University’s Sky Lounge, which was arranged by Dr Suttisak Jantavongso Associate Dean of International Affairs at the University. Students had to complete 3 rounds of problem solving questions. The focus was on a branch of mathematics called Number Theory – which requires rigorous proof and mathematical logic.
The competition was judged by organiser Andrew Chambers, and fellow judge Assistant Professor Wongsakorn Charoenpanitseri. Professor Charoenpanitseri was one of the coordinators for the World Mathematics Olympiad held last year in Thailand and so brought a great deal of experience into the judging process. Both judges remarked about how impressed they were by the high standard of mathematics on display. As Andrew Chambers remarked, “We have seen some truly remarkable young mathematicians today – and possibly some mathematical stars of the future.”
Second place was also claimed by a Bangkok Patana student, Benjada Karprasertsri, whilst third place went to Santkorn Gorsagun from Mahidol University Demonstration School. There were also good results from Anglo Singapore and Trinity International School. The top three students were all offered full and partial scholarships to study at Rangsit University at the College of ICT.
Over 200 of Thailand’s top schools were invited to participate: international schools, bilingual schools, Thai private schools, and state schools in order to find the best young mathematicians in the country. The initial round was conducted at schools where teachers selected 3 students to represent them. The best students from this round were then invited to the finalists day at Rangsit University.
The student’s selected to compete in the first round were Mint Waisarayudh (Yr12), Mint Mahuttanatan (Yr13) and Khwan Wittayachanyapong (Yr13).
Andrew Chambers said, “Both the judges were extremely impressed by the entries from The Regent’s Bangkok this year – in particular Mint (Yr 13) who showed a real mathematical flair.” Mint was invited to the finalists day. However, it was a great shame that she had to be away with her family on finals day which was held during half term.

By Mr. Mark Riddelsdell

Primary Football Sports Victory

U11 boys.jpg

This week the Under 11 boys football team played two very successful matches. On Tuesday they play St Andrew’s 107 away and won 6:5 and on Wednesday they played BCIS at home and won 5:0. This is a fantastic achievement well done to the team!

Year Outdoor Education Trip

For three days last week, 39 Year 8 students were whisked away from school to take part in some fun and challenging activities. Our first afternoon was spent settling into camp and heading out on Jungle Treks; Where we were able to see some fantastic flora and fauna – even the considerable claw marks left in the trunk of a tree from a neighborhood bear! Day two saw a mix of river kayaking, rock climbing and the very popular zip-line.


It was awesome being able to see students overcome some of their fears and achieve things they perhaps didn’t think they would ever be able to do. That evening the students were then tasked with cooking their own supper – they were split into small groups and were given a BBQ, food and utensils – some of the results were delicious.

The final day’s activity was to go paint-balling! The students were split into four groups, each group had to then try to capture their opponents flag without being shot. Thankfully not too many bodies came away bruised and battered. After a short bus journey back to camp it was then time to head home to Bangkok.

Many thanks to all of the students for their great attitude and exemplary behavior throughout the trip.

By Mr. Craig Harrison, Head of Outdoor Education

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