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Modern Foreign Languages meal

On Thursday 10th March, Mr Pradic and Mr and Mrs Harrison took students learning French and Spanish for a meal at the Alliance Française to experience some real French culture.

Modern foreign languages meal

A great time was had by all, and the students enjoyed eating such culinary delights as Confit de Canard, and Quiche Lorraine. A great time was had by all. Next time, we are off to have some Spanish tapas!

Activities and updates from Reception!

We had great fun making porridge in cooking this week. We had read all about the three bears making porridge so decided to have a go too. We used oats, milk and water and then cooked it in the microwave. To some of the porridge we added honey, which made the porridge far too sweet, to some we added salty, which we didn’t like at all and to the rest we added a small amount of sugar. The porridge with just a little bit of sugar was just right!

We played some games in the swimming pool which has helped us to become much more confident in the water!

“Weighing things up” in Reception!

We have been using the seesaw in the playground to help us to learn about weight. We found out who was heavier, lighter or about the same weight as ourselves.
We also used balances and cubes to weigh different objects around us.

By Mrs. Helen Normoyle, Reception Teacher

Regent’s students meet NASA engineer

On Wednesday the 24th of February Data from Year 6 and Santa from Year 5 went to join ‘A Day in the Life of NASA engineer’ at Space Inspirium in Bangkok. During the visit they met Dr. Juan Roman who currently works at NASA. Dr Roman spoke about his childhood and told the children that even though his family was poor, with hard work and encouragement from his parents to study he has achieved his dream to build space rockets. Data and Santa were inspired by his presentation and came back to school to share their experience with their classmates.

Year Outdoor Education Trip

For three days last week, 39 Year 8 students were whisked away from school to take part in some fun and challenging activities. Our first afternoon was spent settling into camp and heading out on Jungle Treks; Where we were able to see some fantastic flora and fauna – even the considerable claw marks left in the trunk of a tree from a neighborhood bear! Day two saw a mix of river kayaking, rock climbing and the very popular zip-line.


It was awesome being able to see students overcome some of their fears and achieve things they perhaps didn’t think they would ever be able to do. That evening the students were then tasked with cooking their own supper – they were split into small groups and were given a BBQ, food and utensils – some of the results were delicious.

The final day’s activity was to go paint-balling! The students were split into four groups, each group had to then try to capture their opponents flag without being shot. Thankfully not too many bodies came away bruised and battered. After a short bus journey back to camp it was then time to head home to Bangkok.

Many thanks to all of the students for their great attitude and exemplary behavior throughout the trip.

By Mr. Craig Harrison, Head of Outdoor Education

Year 3 Thai Trip

The Year 3 class went to the National Geological Museum and learned a lot about dinosaurs, rocks and the Earth. They really enjoyed their time at the museum!

History in Action!

Year 8 students get active!

In learning about the Birth of Rome, Year 8 students have been role-playing the two main stories of Romulus and Remus (the more widely used, popular and better known of the two) and the lesser known story of Aeneas. Students had lots of fun re-enacting the battle scenes and took great pleasure in slaying their classmates!

In the Aeneas story there was also a love story where the Queen of Carthage falls in love with Aeneas only to be later abandoned as Aeneas continues his quest and spiritual calling for power. The love scene cause a little embarrassment among some students, although no kissing or cuddling was allowed, but nevertheless good fun had by all.

By Mr. James Scott, History Subject Leader

Creative crafting in Early Years

This week the children have been working on their creative skills in the Early Years. The children loved making a range of crafts and having them displayed around the classrooms and shared area. Expressive arts and design involves enabling children to explore and play with a wide range of media and materials, as well as providing opportunities and encouragement for sharing their thoughts, ideas and feelings through a variety of activities. Well done Early Years!

By Eleri Davies, Early Years Co-ordinator

TEDX at Regent’s Interntational

The Speech Competition is an annual event here at The Regent’s International School, Bangkok. Our English Department understands how difficult and nerve wracking it can be standing in front of an audience and presenting your ideas; which is exactly why we want students to face this challenge!

This year the competition took on a different theme; the style of a ‘TEDX’ conference. TED stands for technology, entertainment and design and was created with the intention to bring communities together who had a thirst for knowledge and wanted to deepen their understanding of the world. TED is all about spreading good ideas; that is exactly what we wanted our students to do in their presentations this year. The categories were as follows:
Year 7 – Why you Should think Positively
Year 8 – Confidence Conquers All.
Year 9 – Why Charity is Necessary.
Year 10 – Life without Compassion, isn’t Living.
Year 11 – My Philosophy for a Happy Life

Every student gave 100% effort to their speech – offering personal ideas and objective advice for members of the audience. The winners from each class performed at the ‘conference’ and an overall winner was chosen by both the students and teachers. Congratulations to the following winners who performed confidently, fluently and passionately:
Year 7 – Jija
Year 8 – Shree
Year 9 – Sarah
Year 10 – Sahasi
Year 11 – Jung Seok

Well done to all students for participating, entertaining and inspiring your fellow students!

By Miss Heather Neill, Head of English

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