The Speech Competition is an annual event here at The Regent’s International School, Bangkok. Our English Department understands how difficult and nerve wracking it can be standing in front of an audience and presenting your ideas; which is exactly why we want students to face this challenge!

This year the competition took on a different theme; the style of a ‘TEDX’ conference. TED stands for technology, entertainment and design and was created with the intention to bring communities together who had a thirst for knowledge and wanted to deepen their understanding of the world. TED is all about spreading good ideas; that is exactly what we wanted our students to do in their presentations this year. The categories were as follows:
Year 7 – Why you Should think Positively
Year 8 – Confidence Conquers All.
Year 9 – Why Charity is Necessary.
Year 10 – Life without Compassion, isn’t Living.
Year 11 – My Philosophy for a Happy Life

Every student gave 100% effort to their speech – offering personal ideas and objective advice for members of the audience. The winners from each class performed at the ‘conference’ and an overall winner was chosen by both the students and teachers. Congratulations to the following winners who performed confidently, fluently and passionately:
Year 7 – Jija
Year 8 – Shree
Year 9 – Sarah
Year 10 – Sahasi
Year 11 – Jung Seok

Well done to all students for participating, entertaining and inspiring your fellow students!

By Miss Heather Neill, Head of English