On Friday 2nd October, Regent’s Secondary School held their first ever SALAD Day. No, this does not mean everybody in the building ate salad for the whole day; SALAD is a literacy initiative originating in the UK which helps generate more focus around speaking and listening skills. SALAD stands for Speaking And Listening All Day; the clue is in the title! For all KS3 students and teachers pens and writing on devices was absolutely banned and all learning had to take place through performance or discussion related tasks.

All departments went to an extra special effort to make these lesson exciting and the school was buzzing with the hum of activity all morning. Teachers had very tightly structured lessons to make sure each students was taking part and was given the chance to speak; it was certainly impressive to see the both the quality and variety of lesson our Regent’s teachers were able to create for our students.

We can’t wait until the next SALAD Day!

By Miss Heather Neill, Head of English