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Reading in an extreme fashion

Mr Esposito from the EAL Department has gone to great lengths to promote how fun reading can be – especially when conducted in an extreme fashion! Students from KS3 and KS4 took pictures of themselves reading in extreme situations to highlight that there should be no obstacles when it comes to reading for enjoyment.

Thanks to everyone who participated; please take a look at some of the entries we had.

Tanya from 7GX was the winner overall – she has won 100 points for Green House!


English Learning Environment Awards

Many congratulations to this weeks English Learning Environment Awards Winners!

PN 1- Anya
PN 2 – Molly
ND – Green
RP – Tee
RN – Nic
1B – Josh
1W – Oat
2T – Ping Ping
2F – Rotbus
3V – Sangdad
3M – Putter
4P – Putty
4G – Timmy
5T – Eric
5D – Noko
6N – Catherine
6J – Proud

Mr Vosko – Zidi 5T
Mr Brown – Ryoma 6N
Mrs Sirisom – Arfaa 3V
Mr Rumple – Omsub 5T

Partial Solar Eclipse

On Wednesday the 9th of March at 07:38am Regents International School students were lucky enough to view one of the rarest celestial events, an eclipse of the Sun.

The Sun was partially eclipsed for nearly 2 hours and at its maximum coverage, 41% was hidden from our view by the Moon.

Many students took part and viewed the event through pin hole cameras, the camera on their mobile device and most successfully by looking through a CD. All of these methods made it safe see what was happening and gave us all an unforgettable experience.

By Mr. Marc Curran, Head of Secondary Science


The English Department would like to congratulate the following students for being January 2016’s ‘English Stars of the Month’ for exemplary behaviour and effort.
Star of the week
Jeong Woo – Year 11
Jeong Woo has worked extremely hard to improve his English over the last year; he has made so much progress that he has been moved up two sets. He is the perfect example that ‘hard work really does pay off’!

Deep – Year 13
Deep’s grades have improved steadily during his time in the IB Language and Literature course. He takes on board feedback given by the teacher, reads the texts carefully and is mindful to structure his essay responses effectively. Well done Deep!


MayMay – Year 8
MayMay worked extremely hard during term One; so hard, in fact, that she has been moved into Set 1. She takes great care with homework and always listens carefully in class, most of all, she makes great efforts to read at home which is why she has won the award this month!

Early Years Sports Day

Early Years Sports Day is fast approaching! This event will be held on Thursday 21st January, and will start at 9am on the Primary Field. It will be a great opportunity for our youngest students to experience some competitive sport in a fun environment!
All children in EY should wear their house t-shirts on this date. Parents are welcome to attend and we anticipate the event will finish at around 10.45am.


English Learning Environment Awards

Well done to the following students who have demonstrated and promoted the use of the English language in our English learning environment. Keep up the good work and keep inspiring your peers!

PN 1– Abhee
PN 2 – Cougar
ND – Pin
RP – Avril
RN – Tori
1B – Putter N
1W – Ing
2T – Kai
2F – Kane
3V – Pitta
3M – Peggy
4P – Nao
4G – Sophia
5T – Eric
5D – Layla
6N – Bing
6J – Bam

Mr Vosko – Bank 4P
Mr Brown – Yugen 1W
Mrs Sirisom – Kai 2T

English Learning Environment Awards 20/11/15

Congratulations to the students who have earned the English Learning Environment (ELE) Award this week!

This award is awarded to the students who demonstrate that they only use English to communicate both in and outside of the classroom thus allowing children (especially those who are not native-English speakers) to become effective English communicators.

PN 1- Lukas
PN 2 – Isla
ND – Mimi
RP – Tae Tae
RN – Puno
1B – Josh
1W – Leon
2T – Justin
2F – Angie
3V – Getter
3M – Peem
4P – Austin
4G – Juna
5T – Faye
5D -Ileen
6N – Heart
6J – Tanya

Mr Vosko Miyu 4G
Mrs Sirisom- Justin 2T
Mr Rumple – Neena 6N
Mr Brown – Mook 6J

English Learning Environment Awards 09/10/2015

Congratulations to all of the students listed below; they’ve all adhered to the rules of the English Learning Environment and have shown fantastic English speaking skills.

PN 1 – Phut
PN 2 – Terena
ND – Khaotang
RP – Aton
RN – Richard
1B – Popiang
1W – I-oon
2T – Yang
2F – IQ
3V – Samar
3M – Pann
4P – Sicha and Prim
4G – Kenzo
5T – Sunny
5D – Lyla
6J – Janine
6N – Jojo

Mr Vosko – Timmy 4G
Mrs Sirisom – Shuqi 1W
Mr Rumple – Aishi 6N
Mr Brown – Cherry 3V

SALAD (Speaking And Listening All Day) Day

On Friday 2nd October, Regent’s Secondary School held their first ever SALAD Day. No, this does not mean everybody in the building ate salad for the whole day; SALAD is a literacy initiative originating in the UK which helps generate more focus around speaking and listening skills. SALAD stands for Speaking And Listening All Day; the clue is in the title! For all KS3 students and teachers pens and writing on devices was absolutely banned and all learning had to take place through performance or discussion related tasks.

All departments went to an extra special effort to make these lesson exciting and the school was buzzing with the hum of activity all morning. Teachers had very tightly structured lessons to make sure each students was taking part and was given the chance to speak; it was certainly impressive to see the both the quality and variety of lesson our Regent’s teachers were able to create for our students.

We can’t wait until the next SALAD Day!

By Miss Heather Neill, Head of English

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