Congratulations to the students who have earned the English Learning Environment (ELE) Award this week!

This award is awarded to the students who demonstrate that they only use English to communicate both in and outside of the classroom thus allowing children (especially those who are not native-English speakers) to become effective English communicators.

PN 1- Lukas
PN 2 – Isla
ND – Mimi
RP – Tae Tae
RN – Puno
1B – Josh
1W – Leon
2T – Justin
2F – Angie
3V – Getter
3M – Peem
4P – Austin
4G – Juna
5T – Faye
5D -Ileen
6N – Heart
6J – Tanya

Mr Vosko Miyu 4G
Mrs Sirisom- Justin 2T
Mr Rumple – Neena 6N
Mr Brown – Mook 6J