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September 2016

Boarding Updates (September W3 2016)

Our boarding students are well settled into the first term now, and busy occupying themselves with lots of great trips.

Both the Boys’ and Girls’ Houses were busy voting for their Boarding Prefects. A big congratulations to Robert, Jeongwoo, Dechen, and Tsering from the Boys’ House; and Poojan, Migle, Johanna and Tshering from the Girls’ House. We’re sure you will do a fantastic job representing our boarding community.


From the Head of Boys Boarding

A group of students went paint-balling, and a fun few hours running around and ducking for cover was had by all.

Soon there is a trip to the famous Chatuchak Market. Busy and hot, but a great opportunity to pick up some bargains!

The boys football teams are also heading over to Ascot School to play a couple of friendly matches. We wish them the best of luck.


From the Head of Girls Boarding

The girls played pass the parcel to celebrate birthdays in August and September.

Along with the boys, girls boarding football teams are also heading over to Ascot School to play a couple of friendly matches.



Online Debate 2016/17 (Week 3)

Last week’s debate required students to discuss current affairs with a debate on the ‘burkini ban’ enforced by the Mayor of Cannes in France. There were some very detailed arguments and counter arguments but the majority of Regent’s students agreed that women should be able to wear whatever they like on the beach, and to ban some items of clothing on the basis of religion is discriminatory.

Online Debate 2016/17 (Week 2)

Last week the students debated on the use of animal tourism in Thailand. Lots of students feel proud of having a magnificent animal like the elephant as the national symbol of Thailand and believe that tourism is good for the Thai economy. However, many others highlighted the cruelty of keeping elephants in captivity and questioned the ethics of exploiting the animals for cash.
Click the link below to read individual opinions.

Online Debate 2016/17 (Week 1)

New school year, new events, fresh thoughts! Our weekly online debate for the secondary school has resumed. Last week’s debate challenged students to reflect on the economic impact of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro with the motion “This House Believes the Olympics was a waste of money”. Students’ opinions varied, but many contributions highlighted the bitter irony of Rio’s own residents being unable to afford tickets to see the Games in their home city due to vast levels of poverty.
Click the link below to read individual opinions.


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