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Kitty is always hard-working in English and every task gets a huge amount of effort. In class she is helpful and enthusiastic. Thanks to this determination and effort, Kitty has made huge improvements in English since the beginning of the school year. Well done Kitty!




Adi is hard working and always well prepared for lessons. He tackles new texts analytically and thoughtfully, leading to some excellent verbal and written contributions in class and for homework. Keep up the good work, Adi!





Dong deserves the KS4 Star of the Month of February because of the sheer effort he has put into his class work; he has written a speech which has impressed Dr Sweeting greatly! Keep up the good work!

English Learning Environment Awards

Well done to the following students who have demonstrated and promoted the use of the English language in our English learning environment. Keep up the good work and keep inspiring your peers!

PN 1– Abhee
PN 2 – Cougar
ND – Pin
RP – Avril
RN – Tori
1B – Putter N
1W – Ing
2T – Kai
2F – Kane
3V – Pitta
3M – Peggy
4P – Nao
4G – Sophia
5T – Eric
5D – Layla
6N – Bing
6J – Bam

Mr Vosko – Bank 4P
Mr Brown – Yugen 1W
Mrs Sirisom – Kai 2T

English Stars of the Month

To reward those who show determination in English, we have created a ‘Stars of English’ newsboard to give recognition to students who are working above and beyond their teachers’ expectations.

See our ‘stars’ this month!

Amy - Y7 - English Star

Amy – Year 7

Amy works incredibly hard in English. Her classwork and homework are always of an excellent standard and show great care and effort.
Ms Brookes





Kam - Y10 - English StarKam – Year 10

Kam’s short story this month was fantastic and she put a great deal of effort into writing and redrafting it. Kam is always polite and hardworking, and as a result all of her work is of a similar high standard.
Dr Sweeting




Mint – Year 13

Mint - Y13 English StarThis month, Mint has redrafted her written task, completed two practice questions and volunteered to re-write an essay to improve it. This is representative of the huge effort she has put in since joining Regent’s and Mint has made fantastic progress as a result.
Dr Sweeting

Well done to all of you – keep up the good work!

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