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2016 Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Student Contest


Here are some of our student entries.

“We invite middle and high school students from around the world to participate in the 2016 Ocean Awareness Student Contest! The theme is Making Meaning out of Ocean Pollution, and it challenges you to research, explore, interpret, and say something meaningful about the connections between human activities and the health of our oceans.

This year, we challenge you to focus on ONE type of ocean pollutionand “make meaning” of it through art, poetry, prose, or film. We would encourage you to connect it with your own life, your own local community, or something else that is personally meaningful to you, but what’s most important is to pick a topic that inspires and motivates you.

This is an interdisciplinary contest that weaves together ocean awareness, creativity, and advocacy. Advocacy means taking a stand for something you believe in. It requires problem-solving skills, assertiveness, and most of all, knowing when to call the world to action.

While learning from science, history, and personal experience will inform your entry, there is no “right” way to do meaningful advocacy. Use your creativity to make art, poetry, prose, or films that inspire and empower a new generation of ocean stewardship!”

​Year 10 Natural Forms Project

Year 10 Art students have started a mini IGCSE project all based upon Natural Forms, looking at Artists who themselves use these in their work and studying a wealth of forms. Their next step is to use these images and create their own imaginative pieces of Art.

Vincent Van Gogh Textures (Year 7 art)

Year 7 students have been learning about textures and mark making this year and have used these skills to render their own versions of Van Gogh’s masterpieces.

Art: Year 10 mixed media

Year 10 Art students have been learning a range of techniques and mastered a number of different media. Over the Christmas holiday they have produced beautiful pieces of work in Oil Pastel, Colour Pencil, Collage and Watercolour.

Visual Arts trip to Bangkok Sculpture Center

This term Year 12 IB pupils have started a new topic on sculpture. To inspire them, we visited the Bangkok Sculpture Center which celebrates sculptural​ art of Thailand.

The collection shows work from the ancient Buddhist period to the rise of the modern era which has been influenced by the history, social issues and transitions of Thailand.

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed their day and have come back bursting with creative ideas, so come and see their sculpture exhibition next term!

Year 10 Georgia O’Keefe Paintings

The Year 10 Art IGCSE students have been learning about colour theory, the work of Georgia O’Keefe and how to use new media in the form of Acrylic Paint and Canvas. Here is a selection of their work, please come and see the paintings for yourself on display in the Secondary Building.

Attention artists: Bangkok Night Galleries

For the 3rd year running, a number of Art Galleries around the capital will stay open ​all night. This will take place over 2 days around the BTS lines of Silom November 27th and Sukhumvit November 28th.

Download App on Google play or Apple – galleries night

Twitter – #GNBKK

Reception practice writing by writing magic potions!

During Book Week Reception enjoyed reading “Room on the Broom”. We had great fun writing our own recipes to make our own magic potions. We mixed together fire, some of the hair belonging to the witch and even dragon’s poo!

A wonderful way to practice writing and engage our imaginations!

Secondary Art Club

Students from all year groups have been participating in Art club this term, if you need extra help with a project or would like to use the facilities to complete Art homework then come and sign up!!! See Mrs Harris for more details.

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