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Activities and updates from Reception!

We had great fun making porridge in cooking this week. We had read all about the three bears making porridge so decided to have a go too. We used oats, milk and water and then cooked it in the microwave. To some of the porridge we added honey, which made the porridge far too sweet, to some we added salty, which we didn’t like at all and to the rest we added a small amount of sugar. The porridge with just a little bit of sugar was just right!

We played some games in the swimming pool which has helped us to become much more confident in the water!

Year 4 Thai Trip to Rattanakhosin

Year 4 went on a trip to this famous museum. We saw a movie about the history of Thailand (Siam). Then next we heard the story about people from old Thailand and the old buildings.

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Next we learned about how Thai people traditionally made food and farmed rice. We looked at how people used to dress long ago in traditional clothes.

After a snack, we went to the games which Thai children played in the past. That was a lot of fun.

Finally we learned about traditional puppet shows and tried to do it ourselves.

We all had a great day out with the Thai department teacher.

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