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Regent’s hosted 2 booths at the Smile-Carnival

Regent’s Smile-Club have been working tirelessly throughout this academic year assisting in organizing the Smile-Carnival hosted by Operation Smile that took place on April 1st at National Stadium. The Smile-Carnival was a student led charity event where all proceeds went to providing children with surgeries for facial deformities in particular cleft lips and palates surgery. The Regents Smile-Club hosted two booths, the Haunted Maze and the Henna Booth which were the most popular destinations of the night! The students raised 30,000 baht through fundraisers in school to pay for the expenses of the booth.

Last year, the student led charity event raised over 3 million baht and this year the students aim to reach their new personal best.

Focusing on “S” in the Round Square IDEALS

The “S” in the Round Square IDEALS stands for “Service”’ – something we can too easily  forget to implement in our routine. We have the time to click a hundred selfies but we tend to avoid taking actions for the ones in need. Are the society norms making us selfish? Read our Principal Mr. Hogan’s view on a society where U comes before I and how our Round Square approach helps our students put other first.


Good Shepherds Sisters – Visiting Our Community Partners

A group of children from Year 5 were the first to visit the “Good Shepherd Sisters School” after the long summer break. The group helped to teach the letter “i” to the younger children and enjoyed reading stories to them.

Each week a different group of children from Years 3 to 6 will visit as part of our school’s Round Square IDEALS, with emphasis on Service, as it is an excellent way for them to serve the local community.

By Ms. Helen Normoyle, Reception Teacher

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