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Early Years

Planting tomato seeds in Reception!

We begin a new term with a new topic – GROWING. We planted tomato seeds this week and will be taking care of them by watering the every day and making sure that they get enough sunshine. Let’s hope that we can grow some delicious tomatoes!

Activities and updates from Reception!

We had great fun making porridge in cooking this week. We had read all about the three bears making porridge so decided to have a go too. We used oats, milk and water and then cooked it in the microwave. To some of the porridge we added honey, which made the porridge far too sweet, to some we added salty, which we didn’t like at all and to the rest we added a small amount of sugar. The porridge with just a little bit of sugar was just right!

We played some games in the swimming pool which has helped us to become much more confident in the water!

“Weighing things up” in Reception!

We have been using the seesaw in the playground to help us to learn about weight. We found out who was heavier, lighter or about the same weight as ourselves.
We also used balances and cubes to weigh different objects around us.

By Mrs. Helen Normoyle, Reception Teacher

Early Years Celebrate Pancake Day

We celebrated Shrove Tuesday (pancake day) by making pancakes, tasting pancakes and even racing with a frying pan & tossing a pancake!

Early Data Handling and budding pianist in Reception

We have started to think about making choices and doing simple surveys in maths this week. We found out which sports day activity we liked the best – running or hurdles and represented this in a simple Venn diagram. We made up our own surveys too and questioned our friends to see what they liked best.

By Ms. Helen Normoyle

Tonpo played the piano brilliantly for Reception N last week with his Piano teacher Khun Toey.

Early Years Sports Day

Early Years Sports Day is fast approaching! This event will be held on Thursday 21st January, and will start at 9am on the Primary Field. It will be a great opportunity for our youngest students to experience some competitive sport in a fun environment!
All children in EY should wear their house t-shirts on this date. Parents are welcome to attend and we anticipate the event will finish at around 10.45am.


Reception Make calendars for the new year

Reception have been making “Little Red Hen” calendars as we are learning the names of the months of the year as well as reading this traditional story as part of our topic and literacy work.

Mrs. Helen Normoyle, Reception Teacher

The Grumpy Sheep

Today we were treated to a wonderful performance on The Grumpy Sheep by the Early Years Department. The children all acted, sang and danced beautifully and the audience thoroughly enjoyed the show. Well done Early Years and thank you for such a wonderful start to our Christmas festivities.

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Early Years: Making Krathongs

Thank you Kru Chaweewan and Kru Kaew for helping us to make krathongs to take home for our own Loy Krathong celebrations.

  • Ms. Helen Normoyle, Reception Teacher

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