Regent's International School, Bangkok

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Bangkok Essay Competition Ceremony

Year 13 students attended ‘The Bangkok Economics Essay Ceremony’ at the Crown Property Bureau. Their attendance was most welcome as they produced excellent evaluation essays on ‘sustainability‘. Our entries were awarded with a rating of ‘highly commended’ and also shortlisted. A great day was had by all with the sharing of knowledge throughout the event.



Why I Chose Economics

James economics articleAn increasing number of pupils chose to take Economics this year. I asked the pupils why they chose Economics.

The responses included:

  • ‘I am interested to learn about how the world markets work’
  • ‘I would like to understand how governments make decisions’
  • and ‘I would like to grasp how countries interact with each to create trade’.

The pupils are generally excited to learn new concepts about the global economy which we now live in.

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