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English Learning Environment Awards

Well done to the following students who have demonstrated and promoted the use of the English language in our English learning environment. Keep up the good work and keep inspiring your peers!

PN 1– Abhee
PN 2 – Cougar
ND – Pin
RP – Avril
RN – Tori
1B – Putter N
1W – Ing
2T – Kai
2F – Kane
3V – Pitta
3M – Peggy
4P – Nao
4G – Sophia
5T – Eric
5D – Layla
6N – Bing
6J – Bam

Mr Vosko – Bank 4P
Mr Brown – Yugen 1W
Mrs Sirisom – Kai 2T

TISAC Junior Mathematics Relay Competition

On Friday 13th November, 2015 The Regent’s School sent 4 teams of 4 students to the TISAC Junior Mathematics Relay Competition. The Competition was held at Ascot International School. The students who participated were:

Team 1: Baipat Phongprapat Y7, William Wang Y8, Sarah Khor Y9, Molly Wei Y9
Team 2: Jessie Choi Y7, Plub Sakulkerewatana Y8, Sunny Park Y9, Gain Unakul Y8
Team 3: , Andy Song Y7, Alex Sangthongnirundorn Y8, Khawpann Visutthiwong Y9, Natasha Denisyuk Y9
Team 4: , Conc Aroonpairoj Y7, Shree Dubey Y8, Fay Sinchai Y7, Anzu Ito Y9

The best placed team out of the 22 teams who competed was Team 3 who were joint fourth. There was only a trophy for the first and second placed teams but everybody who entered was given a certificate which will be presented to them in assembly in the near future.

It’s all a mystery in Year 2!

This week Year 2 have started an interesting unit in the CCS work we have started on Mary Anning. The children became detectives and had to look for clues in some mystery pictures. Each picture had a little bit covered up and we had to work hard with our partner to spot the clues that told us what might be happening in the picture! Year 2 were very good at the detective work and guessed lots of the pictures!

Creative crafting in Early Years

This week the children have been working on their creative skills in the Early Years. The children loved making a range of crafts and having them displayed around the classrooms and shared area. Expressive arts and design involves enabling children to explore and play with a wide range of media and materials, as well as providing opportunities and encouragement for sharing their thoughts, ideas and feelings through a variety of activities. Well done Early Years!

By Eleri Davies, Early Years Co-ordinator

Early Years Story Club

The children in the Early Years’ Story Club have been exploring the story of ‘The Rainbow Fish’. After listening to the story, the children thought about how kind the rainbow fish was and ways we can be kind to others. The children then worked together to make their own Rainbow Fish which is now displayed in the Early Years building. Please do come and have a look at the children’s wonderful creation! Kirsty EY story club

PE… On the bounce!

IMG_20150903_143529_HDR-1Taking inspiration from a number of schools worldwide the PE Department have invested in 12 new chairs… in the form of gym balls! With the intent to challenge, engage and inspire our students the PE classroom has replaced their standard chairs with the big silver balls.

The arrival of the space age chairs has been welcomed by students and teachers alike. Students have found sitting on the gym balls more comfortable though some have found it quite challenging as they require you to engage your core in order to stay balanced.

Our end goal is for students to become fitter whilst learning and to improve concentration levels in the classroom.

If you get a chance, pop in to Room 417 and have a go yourselves!

A busy first few weeks in Boarding

We have almost been back a month now and what a busy start we have had! Our boarders have settled into new routines and have been making the most of the extensive activities programme that has been set up our GAP staff. At the moment football has been a very popular evening activity choice, and the boys are currently preparing for a match against Ascot School. We are also arranging an evening of Sports against the Regent’s School staff on the 9th October, followed by a BBQ! The whole house also attended the school’s 20th anniversary celebrations at the Thai Cultural Centre, which was a great night out enjoying the many musical talents of our school.

house captains-3921
The captains and vice captains of Boys’ and Girls’ Boarding

Weekend trips continue to provide boarders with the chance to get out of the house to experience something new. Wakeboarding, the zoo, ice skating, the mall, karaoke, and bowling have all been offered so far. Staff have also been coming into the house on Wednesday evenings to offer activities such as jewellery making, cooking, and drawing.

We would like to offer our congratulations to Chad Lee and Lita Theng who have been selected as Captains of Boarders, and to Rajan Roka and Akari Tokuchi who will be Vice Captains of Boarders. They will be acting as a voice for their fellow boarders and liaising with staff to improve the boarding experience. We wish them the best of luck in their new roles, and are confident they will do the house proud!

by Mr. Gavin Terry, Head of Boarding

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