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IGCSE PE Students head to TISAC Badminton tournament

On Wednesday, eight Year 11 IGCSE PE students took a trip to the TISAC Senior Badminton tournament as part of their practical assessment. They played opponents from other Bangkok TISAC schools and had a great day.

We captured some great footage for their PE moderation which is part of their practical grade.
Well done all.

By Ms. Rebecca Edwards, PE Teacher

U13 Boys Football

Week 2, game 2!

The U13 boy’s, second football game of the season would demonstrate if the players had taken heed of their coach’s advice after an initial 1-1 draw with another International School. The only perceived area of weakness was the player’s level of self belief! Would this game prove to be the turning point? Could our players produce a performance that is reflective of all their hard work and commitment?


The answer is, yes! The team started well with some calculated attacks; the defence looked organised and Plub was our anchor, a fine example of a goalkeeper, standing dominantly between the sticks! Regents took an early lead through Khawklong’s excellent centre forward scavenging effort. The score line remained the same until after the break when a lapse in concentration enabled the visitors to sneak 2 goals, which put them back in contention. The spirit and strength of the Regent’s team shone through. A brace from Ann-Ann; a sublime shot from Captain Tor and a wonder strike from Gain ensured that the team recorded a fine 5-2 win. We must retain such a sense of belief in our remaining games. Tor’s fine leadership promotes, “Every player is a captain; every captain a leader; strong leadership equals direction”!

By Mr. Lee Burns, Head of PE and Sport

1st Football Fixture of the Season: U13 boys

The Regent’s School kicked off the season with a 1-1 draw against a local International School in what was a sweltering affair. The team led by Captain Tor Aminsen have had a build up of 15 weeks preparation for their first away game and excitement was high.


The game was dominated by the Regent’s team but confidence in front of goal proved costly as the home side went ahead early into the second half. Some fine forward burst from Tor pressured the opposition defence but it was a calculated long range strike by Max Watson that pulled things level. There were some good performances by Jimmy, Ann-ann and Amey.

Areas to improve for our next encounter involve being more confident and decisive in our abilities.

By Mr. Lee Burns, Head of Physical Education & sport

Boys’ Under 15 Basketball Tournament

A team comprising of year 9 and 10 boys played in a tournament at the Concordian School on Saturday 31st October. The boys  played in a round robin competition against schools from their own division and much bigger and stronger schools from Division One. They played their hearts out and came away with a 2-3 record. Wins against schools that they had lost to earlier in the year and competing against the Division One teams was the highlight of the day. Jace, Sahasi, Faaiz, Mahasi, Anshen, Shine, Mike, Train, Marino and Tee are to be commended for the way that they played and their efforts at training to improve over the season. A special thanks to Mr Rajesh Choithramani who provided drinks for the boys on the day and supported throughout.

By Mr. Marcel Hennes, Head of Round Square

PE… On the bounce!

IMG_20150903_143529_HDR-1Taking inspiration from a number of schools worldwide the PE Department have invested in 12 new chairs… in the form of gym balls! With the intent to challenge, engage and inspire our students the PE classroom has replaced their standard chairs with the big silver balls.

The arrival of the space age chairs has been welcomed by students and teachers alike. Students have found sitting on the gym balls more comfortable though some have found it quite challenging as they require you to engage your core in order to stay balanced.

Our end goal is for students to become fitter whilst learning and to improve concentration levels in the classroom.

If you get a chance, pop in to Room 417 and have a go yourselves!

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