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New Primary Class Leaders

Many congratulations to our new class leaders for Term 2!

class leaders.jpg
1W Alon and Chloe
1B Popiang and Ben
2T Emily and Justin
2F Wei Xuan and Nano
3V Pitta and Tito
3M Raina and Peem
4P Wan Xin and Albert
4G Boom and Cake
5T May and Keane
5D Lyla and Sungjoon
6N Hero and Neena
6J Genome and Cream

Visual Arts trip to Bangkok Sculpture Center

This term Year 12 IB pupils have started a new topic on sculpture. To inspire them, we visited the Bangkok Sculpture Center which celebrates sculptural​ art of Thailand.

The collection shows work from the ancient Buddhist period to the rise of the modern era which has been influenced by the history, social issues and transitions of Thailand.

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed their day and have come back bursting with creative ideas, so come and see their sculpture exhibition next term!

Early Years: Making Krathongs

Thank you Kru Chaweewan and Kru Kaew for helping us to make krathongs to take home for our own Loy Krathong celebrations.

  • Ms. Helen Normoyle, Reception Teacher

It’s all a mystery in Year 2!

This week Year 2 have started an interesting unit in the CCS work we have started on Mary Anning. The children became detectives and had to look for clues in some mystery pictures. Each picture had a little bit covered up and we had to work hard with our partner to spot the clues that told us what might be happening in the picture! Year 2 were very good at the detective work and guessed lots of the pictures!

Key Stage 1 and 2 Stars of the Week!

We welcomed the children back after half term with a celebration of the previous terms Stars of the week. The children always really look forward to celebrating each others successes and we think its a wonderful way to start the week!
Well done to the stars of the week for week 8 in school!

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

Year 3 Weaving

Our first CCS topic in Year 3 was weaving. The students learned how to weave and planned the design for their woven bag. They all really enjoyed the whole process from making their design to creating their woven bag from different materials. Well done Year 3!

By Mr. Ryan Mann, Year 3 Teacher

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