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Focusing on “S” in the Round Square IDEALS

The “S” in the Round Square IDEALS stands for “Service”’ – something we can too easily  forget to implement in our routine. We have the time to click a hundred selfies but we tend to avoid taking actions for the ones in need. Are the society norms making us selfish? Read our Principal Mr. Hogan’s view on a society where U comes before I and how our Round Square approach helps our students put other first.


Christmas Party at the Good Shepherd Sisters

Representatives from the Student Council helped to make the Christmas party at the Good Shepherd Sister’s very special. They played games and gave out the colouring books and pencils everyone in Primary generously donated as gifts. Some of the money raised from Halloween was used to buy chicken and sticky rice for the children too. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Christmas appeal this year!

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By Mrs. Helen Normoyle

Thank you for all the colouring books and pencils!

A very big thank you to everyone for supporting the Christmas Appeal this year. Representatives from the Student Council will be taking all of them to the Christmas Party at the Good Shepherd Sisters Centre to give as gifts to the children there.

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