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Fobisia Mathematics Competition in Malaysia

On Thursday 28th February, a group of Year 7 and 8 students took part in the annual Fobisia Secondary Mathematics competition. This year it was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, at the beautiful Saujana Resort. Ms Addis and Mr Corr accompanied the following students: Jessie Choi, Conc Aroonpairoj, Andy Song, Plub Sakulkerewatana. Shree Dubey, Alex Sangthongnirundom, Amey Panjwani and Gain Unakul.

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It was an intensive 4 days of mathematics which included individual tests, problem solving, construction of straw bridges, a Maths Trail, maths puzzles and cooperative team challenges. The competition was fierce between schools, which came from all parts of Asia, from South Korea and China in the north to Singapore and Malaysia in the south. Over 200 students participated. This was the school’s first time at competing at the secondary competition and unfortunately, we came away without medals.

However, we all learned much from competing with the other young elite mathematical minds in Asia.There were many highlights to the trip but most special would be the 3 hour night tour of Kuala Lumpur which included the Petronas Twin Towers, Independence Square, the Menara KL Tower and the city centre; and a final night of magician’s act, light show and disco.

Year 3 Thai Trip

The Year 3 class went to the National Geological Museum and learned a lot about dinosaurs, rocks and the Earth. They really enjoyed their time at the museum!

Business Studies Visits the Thai Labour Museum

Last week the Year 11 Business students went on a trip to the ‘Thai Labour Museum’. It enhanced their knowledge on the history of labour laws within Thailand and gave a great insight into the history over the last century. The students enjoyed the trip and a great time was had by all involved.

Year 2 Trip to Ocean World

This week Year 2 traveled to ocean world to get a closer look at what lives under the sea! Whilst we we there we got our very own private tour around the tanks and also behind the tanks, where we were shown not only how the water is kept clean, but also how the food is prepared and how the sick fish are looked after in their very own fish tank hospital!

Our guide for the day was Khun B, who explained, in excellent English, all of the amazing facts and figures about the fish and the aquarium. Whilst we where there we also got to visit the 4D cinema, where we watched a short film, where the seats moved and sprayed us which some of the characters jumped out of the screen at us! It was very cool! The day was finished with us looking carefully through the 20cm glass at amazing sharks, which were all bigger than children!! What a fun learning day!

Year 1’s Trip to Safari World

The children in Year 1 had a very exciting adventure this week, when they went on a school trip to Safari World! Whilst they were there they got to see lots of different wild animals, which will really help them with their science learning this term. As well looking at some of the animals they also got to up close to the giraffes! They did this by climbing onto the second floor of a specially constructed building, which enabled the amazing giraffes to lean their long necks over and take food from the children! Feeding the giraffes – what an experience an amazing experience!

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Boarders’ Half Term Trip to Chiang Mai

After a long half term at school, our boarders had earned a well-deserved break. Our Year 11 students could not relax completely, however, and had to revise for their IGCSE Mathematics exams. They continued working hard in the first few days of the holiday and we wish them the best of luck in their exams.

Most of our boarders signed out with their families for the half term break but ten students remained and staff arranged a five day trip to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand to give them a change of scenery from city life.

Chiang Mai offers a wealth of opportunities and experiences that we hoped would give a good insight into Thai culture for our international students. After an afternoon flight and a relaxing evening spent in a local restaurant, we spent our first full day in Chiang Mai exploring Bhubing Palace and the famous Doi Suthep temple. The scenery up in the mountains was breathtaking, as was the climb up the temple steps! Everyone made it though, and despite the big crowds, there were still plenty of opportunities for scenic photos and the all important selfies. In the afternoon, we visited Sankhampeng, a local town famous for traditional umbrella making. We got a chance to see how these are skilfully made and beautifully decorated.

The next day was more relaxed, and students enjoyed the opportunity to explore the old town, inside the ancient city walls. They visited several temples and coffee shops, and were challenged to photograph as many temples as they could. Staff made the most of the opportunity to relax with a Thai massage from former female prisoners as part of a rehabilitation programme.

On the third day, we had an early start when we were picked up to be taken to Elephant Nature Park. This is a fantastic charity that rescues and cares for some of Thailand’s elephants. Elephant rides are prohibited, as the training process is extremely cruel, and mahouts are instead trained to build relationships with their elephants without using a metal hook. It was fantastic to see these rescued elephants in a more natural and peaceful environment after a heartbreaking start to their lives. We got the chance to feed the elephants, walk the park to meet and learn about their different stories, and to wash the elephants in the river – which was a real highlight of the trip. Despite a tiring day, our students were keen to visit the weekend night bazaar in the evening and put their bartering skills to the test as they shopped in the many market stalls.

We started our last day in Chiang Mai with a boat trip along the Ping River with a fruit and juice stop at a traditional Thai farmhouse. We stopped for lunch at a riverside restaurant, before heading back into town for foot massages – well deserved after all those days of walking! After collecting our bags we then made our way to the train station for the last leg of our journey – the sleeper train back to Bangkok. This was a new experience for all involved, sleeping overnight in little bunk beds as we travelled back to Bangkok. Everyone managed to get some sleep, although I think extra Sunday naps were required once we got back to the boarding house in preparation for school on Monday!

By Mr. Gavin Terry, Head of Boys’ Boarding

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