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​Year 10 Natural Forms Project

Year 10 Art students have started a mini IGCSE project all based upon Natural Forms, looking at Artists who themselves use these in their work and studying a wealth of forms. Their next step is to use these images and create their own imaginative pieces of Art.

Vincent Van Gogh Textures (Year 7 art)

Year 7 students have been learning about textures and mark making this year and have used these skills to render their own versions of Van Gogh’s masterpieces.

Art: Year 10 mixed media

Year 10 Art students have been learning a range of techniques and mastered a number of different media. Over the Christmas holiday they have produced beautiful pieces of work in Oil Pastel, Colour Pencil, Collage and Watercolour.

Year 10 Georgia O’Keefe Paintings

The Year 10 Art IGCSE students have been learning about colour theory, the work of Georgia O’Keefe and how to use new media in the form of Acrylic Paint and Canvas. Here is a selection of their work, please come and see the paintings for yourself on display in the Secondary Building.

Year 10 Artist Tonal Studies

The Year 10 Art students have working hard this term on their first piece of coursework, they have been learning about tone and values. They were asked to choose an image by an Artist they admired, we studied the tonal values, how the Artist was able to render the shapes and how to create Form within our work.

Here are a few of their beautiful pencil studies, for a closer look come and see them in the foyer of the Secondary building.

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