A good school not only looks after a child’s academic interests, through events such as the Year 11 and Year 13 Parents’s Evening or the current Year 11 and Year 13 Intervention Sessions that the teachers are running after school. Or the Numeracy Initiatives or Reading Buddy Schemes we run in the mornings. Or the House Debating Competitions or University Fairs we run in the afternoons. Or the French Exchange Trips or Shakespeare Workshops we run during the day. Or the Business Trips to the Stock Exchange or the Art Trips to MOCA. Or our students taking part in the UKMT Maths Challenge.

A good school also looks after the physical fitness of its students, as has taken place in the large number of football fixtures we have had this term, a golf tournament, the TISAC Badminton Tournament and the Year 8 Outdoor Education Trip.

A good school also looks after the creative interests of its students through events such as the recent TISAC Music Festival or the up-and-coming performance of Thai Dance or the already-planned Battle of the Bands.
A good school also teaches its students to be responsible members of society, as in the servICE Conference we recently attended or the coming trip to Mae Hong Son in support of Operation Smile or our approaching Keeping Healthy Theme Day or the forthcoming International Day.
A good school also makes sure that its students have some fun, as in the recent House Lip Synch Battle or the imminent Chinese New Year or the future Valentine’s Day.
These are all events that have taken place or are at the planning stage this half term. And I know I will have missed things out…
We welcomed this week into the Secondary School, four teacher trainees from Srinakarin University. We hope they have seen what we believe this school to be: a school full of happy, hard-working and well-mannered students.