On Thursday 24th March, this year’s TISAC Quiz team went to St Andrew’s School in Sathorn to compete against seven other teams in the annual quiz. After winning their place on the team following the Quiz Off, the team members were Sangdad from Year 3, Anika from Year 4, Santa from Year 5 and veteran quiz member and Team Captain, Zak from Year 6.
TISAC Quiz.jpg
This year’s format was a little different. In previous years the children had to be fast at putting their hands up but this time each team was provided with an iPad and the quiz was online using the excellent website, Kahoot. Points were awarded for all correct answers and the faster the questions were answered, the more points were scored. There were seven rounds in total: Sport, World Flags, General Knowledge, Screen Test, Logos, Maths and Celebrity Pictures.

Our team got off to a great start and climbed our way up to second place, where we stayed for a long time. The top three teams were answering everything correctly until we got one question wrong and dropped into third place. Again we maintained this position right up to question 91 (of 119) and then we made a couple of errors and ended up in sixth place. Unfortunately we just didn’t have time to climb our way back up the leader board and this was our final position. Nobody could catch St Andrew’s Sathorn and they retained the top position for almost the entire quiz, so well deserved winners.

The children had a fantastic time and made a great team. They worked very well together and tried their absolute best. They were exceptionally well behaved and were even quizzing each other on the journey to the quiz. Maybe next year we will win the trophy!