Like all of you, our school wants all of its students to be happy at school. If our students are not happy, we can’t get the best out of them.

However, please consider also that happiness is not just contained in the here-and-now. Happiness is something that we must all try to build for the future. I’m sure that if we all said to our students, we’re banning homework and uniforms and all of the other areas that sometimes don’t make them happy, they would feel very happy. But that happiness would not last.

The secondary school has started at a great pace this year. We are all excited about the road ahead. The partnership between the school, parents and students is key to the success of our community.

We must work together to ensure that our students work hard, get involved and come to school on time. We must encourage our students to realise that working hard, getting involved and coming to school on time will actually develop their feelings of happiness. In the future, they will thank you and me for looking after them – and turning their dreams into reality.