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February 2017

Arts and Music – Jan 2017

After the trials and tribulations of last term, and the wonderful successes of our incredibly talented youth, even more is in store for the Arts this half-term. We have two major series’ of concerts kicking off; the Music Department’s “Lunchtime” series, and the cross-curricular “Open Mic” evenings.
We also have a number of other events happening: the Art IGCSE exams start soon; Drama are leading a physical theatre trip; and the Music department is taking our brilliant singers to a choral festival in February.
Finally, massive congratulations to all those who took lead roles in this year’s production of Jungle Book. These were excellent auditions from a strong set of contenders. It’s looking to be a fantastic show!

Here are some photos from the Open Mic evening

Secondary Theme Day – Jan 2017

A healthy lifestyle involves making choices involving physical and mental well-being. In this theme day, students were given the opportunity to learn about different factors that affect our lives, such as smoking, puberty, contraception and sex etc.. Along with this, students were given the opportunity to meet with Childline volunteers to discuss ways to help our mental well-being. This was super effective in allowing students to reflect on themselves and how they can manage challenges they face.

Year 13’s spent the day with Mindfulness teacher Anna Croucher with a specific focus on stress management. These important skills can be brought through these difficult exam months.

To end the day our new energetic prefects ran a assembly. This included fitness games, action quiz, yoga and meditation. Our prefects reminded students of all of the different components that contribute to a healthy lifestyle and that the most important thing is to enjoy yourself.

TISAC Football Updates – Jan 2017

The Senior’s kicked off the first TISAC boys football festival on Monday 23rd January and performed absolutely brilliantly, winning both their games to put themselves top of the league after the first round of games. They won a tough first match against the host school, beating St Andrews 107 3-2. Confidence was high after that victory, which enabled them to play some impressive football to win their second match against Concordian 4-0.


On Wednesday 25th January the U15 Boys played their opening games of the TISAC Football League. They started fantastically, putting in a great performance to beat Concordian 4-0 in the first game. However in the next match against Charter a couple of lapses of concentration in defense allowed the opposition to score twice and beat Regent’s 2-0. In an effort to make amends for the previous defeat the boys worked hard and created a hat full of chances to impressively beat Heathfield 6-0. With other results going Regent’s way there is currently a three way tie on points at top of the league, however Regents superior goal difference put them top and make for some exciting battles in the next round of matches.


Year 13 Biology students visit Siriraj Medical Museum

On Monday 16th January our final year IB Biology students visited the Siriraj Medical Museum. Here they got the opportunity to experience some of the ideas and concepts from their Human Physiology lessons in a visual, interactive, and often graphic, format.

On show were fetuses at different stages of development, and with a number of birth defects, as well as adult bodies cut to show the different organs and tissues inside! These were quite a shock for our students to see, but a very worthwhile experience.

Year 9 Cultural Masks

Year 9 students have been refining their skills with paint and pencil. They have put this knowledge to use within their studies of masks from around the world.

Terminology Tennis – IBDP History

The Year 12 IBDP History students are having some rest-bite from their intense studies of modern history by engaging in some terminology tennis on the early problems of the Weimar Republic in Germany post-World War One. A good and fun way for them to remember key terms, events and figures from the period, although it is clear that they are much stronger historians than they are tennis players!


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