At Regent’s we constantly encourage our students to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle and allow them to explore their strengths in sports and physical education. This is one of the reasons we have partnered up with the global leader in football- Chelsea FC Soccer School. Playing soccer is great fun and has many benefits for children. These include:

Teamwork: Soccer is a lot about the rapport among team members, knowing the skill-set of each team member and using that as an advantage to win the match collaboratively. A quality that children can apply for the rest of their life.

Physical Fitness: The sport involves a lot of running and training which means it is the perfect activity to improve stamina and increase bone and muscle strength.  

Competitiveness: Being in a team students will constantly motivate each other to do their best. This motivation plays an important role in making the child more dedicated. When children are motivated and driven they become more successful students and adults who are ready to take up any challenge.

Body Coordination: Due to shifts between kicking, walking and running, coordination is a key to soccer. Every trick performed at various speed and direction makes children better at hand-eye-leg coordination.