The end of this academic year at Regent’s is going to be unique: our first ever IB School Supported Self-Taught class are beginning to prepare for their final examinations. This is a very special subject that requires a tremendous amount of skill and dedication from the students who undertake it.

SSST students are guided by a teacher in school using the English language, however, the students have to study literary texts and write assessments in their own language. The IB offer this subject to students in over 80 different mother tongue languages.

If you would like to study your language as well as English, or even make your mother tongue language a priority at IB, then this class is for you!

Our Japanese students, Shin and Renaka in Y13, are so happy to be studying in their mother tongue language. Here they are smiling after making such a success of their Oral Assessment.

Have a look at the Regent’s IB Subject Guide for more information.