MUN (Model United Nations) is a simulation of The United Nations where students from schools participate and represent themselves as delegates of a given country. The delegates participating in MUN conferences have to work together to tackle real-world issues around the world and must use their public speaking and debating skills for their best interests. ThaiMUN is arguably the biggest MUN conference that is ever held in Thailand, and ThaiMUN 2017 is ThaiMUN’s 4th conference. The magnitude of this conference is shown by how there are a total of 240 participants from 30 different schools, and some participants even come from overseas. Since this is my 4th time attending a MUN conference, I was thinking that this conference was going to be the conference where I display my improved skills and perhaps even rise to the most experienced and most proficient of delegates in a MUN conference. However, I was proven wrong because I was put into the Historical Crisis Committee, where it was a completely new experience to me. Nevertheless, this new experience was undeniably the most fun and the most weird for me. Our issue was on the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, and my “committee” was COMBLOC, a cabinet consisting of Russian and Cuban leaders. Instead of speaking for the country each delegate represents like typical MUN committees, we were supposed to work together and achieve the best outcome for our supposed nation, The Soviet Union. However, this was not easy, as we also had to take a course of action while appeasing our enemy, NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) , which was another committee that was a part of the Historical Crisis Committee. The entire 3 day conference for me was a splendid mess, as we did things such as discussing battle plans for a war (made-up) between The USA and Cuba, causing enough confusion in NATO to the point of paranoia, and then ultimately end up with a nuclear fallout, thus making us responsible for the formation of “World 2.0”. Overall, ThaiMUN was a truly amazing experience, and such conferences fuel me with the desire to continue participating in more MUN conferences and perhaps even make me have a passion for pursuing a career in International Relations.

– Jung Seok, Year 12