For many it has been an exciting return to Term 3, particularly with the welcome addition of eleven new boys to the House. Making new friends, and an intense flurry of both football and badminton sessions, have been the early focus since our return. It has been great to see so many participating and keeping active.

For some it has also been a nerve-wracking time as they enter their exam period. We continue to wish our Year 11 and 13’s well and are extremely proud of their hard work and effort.

Activities have been focused around shopping malls, as we make sure everyone has all the equipment they need for a long and busy term; and service, as we continue to invite local children onto campus. We also ran a “mini team-marathon”, inviting students to form international, mixed gender teams to tackle a 12km course and see who comes out victorious!

The highlight this month was however our huge water fight in honour of Songkran. Everyone enjoyed soaking each other on the field and wishing each other good luck for the new year.