A big event for many of our Senior boarders this past month was the Leavers’ Prom. This was the final farewell for our Y13’s, and a number of our Y12’s and Y11’s also joined the celebration. It was a lovely event ending their time with us at Regent’s with a fun-filled evening of entertainment…and many many photos. It is so sad for staff to say goodbye to our Y13’s after looking after them for so long, but we wish all the happiness and success possible for their future.

As an additional farewell some of the Senior Boys and staff went for an evening watching a Thai Premier League football match and a pizza. Fortunately we were lucky enough to witness lots of goals in a thrilling match that finished 5-3!

It is also time for the Boarding House to say farewell to Ms Tamsin Crozier, the Head of Girls’ Boarding. Everyone would like to thank her for her hard work and commitment to the House, and wish her well in the future. Moving into the role we welcome Miss Anna Croucher, who is really eager and excited to be taking on the responsibilities associated with Boarding, and joining us with lots of new ideas to make the boarding experience even better for our students. Here is a welcome message from Miss Croucher

– Gavin Terry (Head of Boys’ Boarding)