This half term a whooping 34 boarders joined staff on a trip to Kanchanaburi. Despite a few very heavy down pours we had quite an adventure, involving both fun and educational activities, whilst appreciating the history of the region.

Mr Goodenough, head of sports, coordinated a game of bubble football, which all got involved in. This sport of bouncing around in inflatable giant balls led us all to be pretty muddy, with laughs all round.

We visited the Erawan falls, where boarders clambered up the levels of the falls and some brave souls took a dip in the fresh water. A trip to the death railway, museum and POW cemetery in town, helped boarders appreciate the tragic history of the area, and the stories of survival from the second world war era.

We rounded up the trip but jetting along the river to a lovely spa, where the boarders relaxed their weary muscles in the thermal waters, whilst some others took their chances at the fish spa, where little fish cleaned their toes!!

The trip was my first as head of girls boarding and gave me a great change to get to know some of the students better, whilst seeing them away from school from this time. I look forward to the next.