Huge congratulations to Eve for winning the 2nd place at the International Figure Skating competition.

Our Year 9 student, Eve (Nitchisa Ritprakongchao) has been competing in 2017/ 2018 Asian Junior Figure Skating Challenge (AJFSC) which is an international figure skating competition series jointly hosted by the Chinese Skating Association (CHN), Hong Kong Skating Union (HKG) and Figure and Speed Skating Association of Thailand (THA) under the authorization of the Asian Skating Union during October 9 – 11 2017 in Hong Kong at Festival Walk Glacier.

In Eve’s opinion, Ice skating is a wonderful sport. In fact, she believes that many of us have experienced ice skating before and one of the most undeniable fears is the fear of falling. In every lesson she falls over and over to get the moves right. This teaches her to never give up, no matter how hard she falls, she just has to get up and continue.

One of the most challenging things for a figure skater are the competitions. A figure skater has to practice for months and months before the competition but anything can go wrong at the last minute because of the stress from the surroundings such as the audience and the judges.Therefore, mental stability is highly important in order to keep her focused during the competition.

In conclusion, she truly believes ice skating is a beautiful sport but it is not as easy as it looks. She has learned many valuable lessons from it in order to improve herself in the future.