There have been some exciting developments at Regent’s International School this term to support the well being of students and staff, focusing around teaching techniques to manage stress and workload as well as supporting calmness, concentration and happiness. The sessions have centred around teaching Mindfulness techniques, an approach that involves bringing the attention to the breath and body, in order to become fully present. Mindfulness has grown in popularity over the last 40 years due to it’s vast range of physical and psychological health benefits. It is increasingly being used in a variety of settings including health care, the army, businesses such as Google and by sports men and women.  

During 10 years mindfulness techniques are being used by schools. Sessions are being offered within classes to help students to focus on their work, deal with exam stress, prevent over worrying and manage their time better.

This term Mindfulness approaches have been introduced by the new Student Welfare Officer, Ms Anna Croucher. Ms Anna is trained and experienced in running mindfulness courses both privately and within health and education settings in the UK.  At Regent’s the focus has been on providing both staff and students with an opportunity to try out these techniques.

The IGCSE music students have had 20 minutes of mindfulness weekly, as part of their course, to help them deal with performance anxiety.  Year 12s are also being offered weekly sessions during their tutor time and lunchtime sessions are being offered to IB and staff on a drop in basis.

This is early days, however these steps are encouraged to support the community at Regent’s to maximise well being and reflect the school’s ethos in being committed to the happiness of those at the school .
For more information or to find out more about Mindfulness in schools please contact Ms Anna Croucher