The June 2020 IGCSE results were remarkable, with almost 50% of the grades being As or A*s. 154 trophies were handed out to students at this celebration presided over by Dr Virachai Techavijit, Chairman and Founder, Regent’s International Schools, celebrating these world-beating results.

Ten students achieved 5 or more A*s or A, with our top student; Tristan Shin who achieved 10 IGCSEs at A* and A. They received special awards from Dr.Virachai.Mr. Martyn Smith, the Principal, gave an address extolling students to always keep working hard, demonstrating passion for their work and aiming to be well-rounded leaders. Dr Peter Jones, Head of Secondary School, congratulated the students on their stunning set of results. A band put together by the Year 11 IGCSE Music students gave the event an upbeat atmosphere, which we hope was enjoyed by students, a small group of invited parents and teachers alike.