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British Science Week: Heart and Lung Dissection

We kicked off our British Science Week Celebrations on Monday 12th March with a mass lung and heart dissection. Led by our Science Ambassadors Students were given the opportunity to dissect and identify different parts of the heart and lungs.

English Week

Last week was English Week in the Secondary School with lots of creative English activities taking place.  Throughout the week students were challenged with daily quizzes on language, literature and lateral thinking.  On Thursday the school hosted its first ever Poetry Festival – a celebration of the written and spoken word – with students and staff taking to the stage to share their poems.  On Friday we celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite book characters. To round up the week, the English department provided a 99-question quiz on all things language and literature for students to enjoy during tutor time.  There was some stiff competition but Year 10 outshone all others by securing the first, second and third places!

Well done and thank you to everyone who got involved.

See the Poetry Festival pictures here

The Art of Learning

Lance King, founder of the website was invited to The Regent’s for the third time on Friday 23rd February. His one-day workshop involved a number of activities that encourage Year 11 students to think about the best way they can prepare for their IGCSE examinations.

As always, the students were impressed by his kind, friendly nature and his sense of humour. They found his advice very helpful in preparing for their revision over the next couple of months. One of the most important tools in an effective approach to learning is to have a revision timetable. The Year 11 students have started on this – and will hope to finish in next week’s tutor period.  

Thai Literature Workshop

On Friday 2nd March, The Regent’s International School, Bangkok hosted a Thai literature workshop with the following authors.

Naowarat Pongpaiboon – SEA Write Award-winning poet and national artist 1980: “Mere Movement”

Sila Khomchai – SEA Write Award Artist 1993: “Mid-Road Family”

Rewat Panpipat – SEA Write Award Artist 2004: “Reminiscence of the River”

The purpose of the workshop sessions were to inspire Secondary students to develop their love of reading and help them develop their thinking skills when analysing literature by these three incredible authors.

See full album here

Open House February 2018

Yesterday morning we invited prospective families to our school to find out more about life at Regent’s. It was a welcome opportunity for our students to tell parents about how we learn here and the wide range of additional learning opportunities that we provide. Our children did an excellent job of showing our visitors how proud they are of their school.

See full album here

Enterprise Day 2018

Enterprise Day! What a great day for all the students. Students from Year 7 to Year 12 learnt about developing creative ideas along with how to market and finance that product. The innovation and skills developed throughout the day lead to some outstanding ideas. Some of the winners products are going to be rolled out within the school in the coming weeks.

View full album here

House Debate Competition 2018

Regents’ annual House Debate Competition was a true success. Over the course of one week, students from across the year groups debated topical, controversial and thought-provoking debates.

Our Junior years debated environmental topics:
Should customers be charged for plastic bags?
Should littering become a criminal offence?

Our Middle years discussed issues to do with advertising and representations:
Should skin whitening products be banned?
Should companies be fined for only using light skinned models?

Our Seniors debated issues to with social media and free speech:
Should world leaders be allowed social media accounts?
Should social media comments be protected by freedom of speech?

Even though they only found out which side they would debating on a few minutes before the debate, every argument was carefully and intelligently constructed. Every student put forward strong, challenging arguments with the hope of winning the house debating cup. Our students showed strong leadership skills as well as fantastic teamwork. As an English teacher, I was very impressed by our students’ use of persuasive techniques- they are clearly paying attention in their lessons!

In the end, there could only be one winner. Our year 9 and 10 students did a fantastic job in their debates. Their arguments were very well put together, and they worked to the strengths of their team. They have set the bar high for next year’s debate competition!

View full album here

Bee Musical production

What a fantastic end to the first half term. The Bee Musical on Thursday 19th of October was the culmination of weeks of dedication and resolve. We cannot express how proud we felt watching the Year 1 and 2 Busy Bee Production. All the children worked so hard practicing their individual lines and learning the words to all the songs. The play was outstanding and the children looked fabulous in all the different costumes. For those parents that were unfortunate enough to be unable to make the show here are some pictures. Once again well done to everybody involved and congratulations on a spectacular show!

International Author, Ann Bryant visited Regent’s

On the 4th October the Primary students were visited by Ann Bryant, an international author, who wrote over 120 books of which 75% are children’s fiction and 25% are primary music resources. She has visited many schools worldwide, educating thousands of children on improving their writing skills as well as inspiring many of them to write their own stories.

Ann Bryant’s speech included a talk about writing, followed by some questions and the students were very eager to answer. She ended her visit reading many of her children’s lovely stories using rhythm and rhyme to keep the children enthralled and engaged.

Some students won signed book marks and even had the chance to get their own copy of one of her books signed.

Ann Bryant educated and entertained everyone and also helped children improve their own story writing. This was an experience the children will take with them to their future English learning.

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