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Global Perspectives : A Year 10 Activity

As part of their studies into belief systems, our year 10 Global Perspectives students took a trip to some religious sites in the local area. The students had the chance to speak with representatives from both the Christian and Hindu faiths. The trip served as a great opportunity for students to carry out some authentic primary research. Since the trip they have been able to compare and contrast the differences between varying belief systems in their classwork.


World Kindness Day at Regent’s International School

World Kindness Day, celebrated on the 13th of November every year, promotes the importance of being kind to each other, to yourself, and to the world. Here at Regent’s we want to help our students and community understand that kindness is what binds us all together. With kindness, we can overcome the divides of politics, religion, race, gender, and so much more.

Let us practice kindness every day. Give someone a genuine compliment. Hold the door for the person behind you. Say Thank You and Please everyday without fail. Give your time to a friend or someone who needs it. The wonderful thing about being kind, is indeed, just how easy it is.

Happy World Kindness Day!

Congratulations to Shaan Laoamornpanich (Shaan) in Year 4

Congratulations to Shaan Laoamornpanich (Shaan) in Year 4 at Regent’s International School Bangkok, for winning the 1st prize from PTT – The Lawn Tennis Association of Thailand (LTAT) under His Majesty’s Patronage 2020. The competition was held on 7 – 9 November 2020, and Shaan played amongst 8 boys, in the singles category (Under 8).Well done, Shaan!

Loy Krathong

ASTV News 1 was at Regent’s International School Bangkok’s Loy Krathong to feature the school event celebration held last Friday 13th November, 2020, at the Auditorium of the Primary building. We all had a fantastic and memorable time and all the necessary safety measure protocols were observed.

ToK Presentations

Over the past two weeks, our industrious Year 13 students have been delivering their Theory of Knowledge (ToK) Presentations for the IB Diploma Programme. ToK presentations are done to demonstrate that analysis of knowledge can have real-life applications and they are usually done by identifying a knowledge topic and exploring them using real-life situations.

Topics this year included Child Labour, Military Service, Intertextuality, Religious Education, the Rosenhan Experiment, and many other fascinating topics drawn from our students’ own experiences. Staff were very pleased with the standard of presentations this year and are confident Regent’s International School will maintain its 100% A-C IB grades in ToK.

Parent Representatives

Regent’s International School Bangkok is fortunate to have such an active and supportive group of Parent Representatives who support the school in its efforts to cultivate a dynamic, meaningful and inclusive school community. This year, our Regent’s Parent Representatives are even more eager to encourage parents to contribute their time, ideas and skills becoming involved in school activities whilst observing the necessary health and safety measures.

Thank you, parents! We really appreciate your support!

Remembrance Day 2020

Today, at 11am on the 11th day of November, 2020, Regent’s International School Bangkok remembers and commemorates Armistice Day, also known as Remembrance Day. Each year, we gather to remember our brave fallen soldiers who died in all wars. The event commenced with an inspiring message from Mr Christopher Perkin, a representative from the British Embassy, followed by tributes from our Year 11 and 13 students ; Plub, Khatchatur, and Bless.

Khatchatur, Year 13, paid tribute to our fallen alumnus, Henry Arutyunov, Regent’s Class of 2018. He will forever be remembered for his courage and bravery. Bless, Year 11, gave a beautiful rendition of the song “The Last Post”.

After the ceremony, students gathered in the secondary building for The Poppy Appeal, where they donated and pinned paper poppies on the board. All the money collected will go towards the Royal British Legion which looks after the families of those who have given their lives and those who have suffered injuries in combat.

Here at Regent’s, we believe that we have a very crucial role in educating our students about the sacrifice these soldiers made and why it is important we remember this. By educating them about this part of history, they can develop a deeper understanding of world events with the hope of maintaining a peaceful future. A massive thanks to Mr Christopher Perkin and Mr Charlie Hanson – it was great pleasure to have two representatives from the British Embassy attend the ceremony today.

We honour our fallen soldiers, our heroes. The brave souls who gave their today for our tomorrow.

Penguin Huddle Experiment : A Year 2 Science Activity at Regent’s International School Bangkok

Our Year 2 students have been learning about animals that live on both the land and sea during our CCS lessons. They wanted to find out about how penguins adapted to their cold habitats. Ms Stephanie Ricketts, our Secondary Chemistry teacher, came to Year 2 and conducted the penguin huddle experiment with the students. They learnt that the penguin in the middle of the huddle stayed the warmest because they gain heat from the other penguins. The penguin on his own loses heat quickly because he doesn’t gain the heat off the other penguins. Thank you for helping our students, Ms Ricketts!

Regent’s International School Bangkok Commemorates Remembrance Sunday, November 8th, 2020

This weekend in honour of Remembrance Sunday, our Head Boy; Michael Wang and Head Girl; Mimi Jirarattanarangsee, joined the British Ambassador, HE Brian Davidson and attended a service at the British Club Bangkok. They took the opportunity to remember not only those who lost their lives in the First World War, but also those who have sacrificed in conflicts around the world ever since.


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