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Teddy Bear Picnic at Regent’s International School Bangkok

Picnic time for Teddy Bears

The little Teddy Bears are having

A lovely time today

Watch them, catch them unawares

And see them picnic on their holiday

To enhance the children’s phonological awareness and develop their knowledge of the letter sound, “Bb”, the Nursery children brought in their special teddy bears and had a wonderful, “Teddy Bear Picnic”.

What fun they all had! Line@regentsschoolbkk

Tennis Winter Camp at Regent’s International School Bangkok

Join our Tennis Winter Camp at Regent’s International School Bangkok this December and get the opportunity to improve and perfect your tennis game. We are very fortunate to be partnered with such qualified coaches at PJ Tennis who have developed such a fantastic and innovative tennis programme. We are also offering a 10% discount as a special promotion. Sign up now!

Click below to find out more and to register.…/1KxWf3o4PQyQUbT0EPPBtawU…/edit

For more information, please contact:081 522 9191


Last Man Standing : A Year 10 IGCSE Drama at Regent’s International School Bangkok

On the 22nd of October, 2020, in the first dramatic performance of the term, Year 10 IGCSE Drama students took to the stage to show their devised coursework, an unsettling horror performance, Last Man Standing.

The story is about a group of 7 siblings whose mother had deserted them as they all fell into a state of psychosis. Longing to have their mother back, they turn against each other in the process. The performance, in front of a considerable audience, was of immense quality and our students have done very well in terms of acting, stage management and overall production. The event was held at 4pm, at The Art & Music Building.

Here at Regent’s, we aim to create a challenging environment that supports creative and critical thinking, helping our students recognise their potential for success and improve their confidence.



Here at Regent’s, we feel incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful variety of boarding students. Our mixture of nationalities, interests, talents and personalities, combine to make a thriving community that strives for excellence in all that we do. We recognise that any child that stays in the Boarding house deserves the care and attention that they would receive at home with their families making sure that we provide an institution in which students understand the world and its changes while discovering their own creative potential. This is why we strive to provide excellent care and attention and go above and beyond to ensure each child is comfortable in every aspect of their life in Boarding. Boarding also allows students to develop academically with support from qualified teachers as well developing their own independence.


In a unique residential campus environment in which our boys and girls live, students are immersed in the camaraderie of common experience, friendship, trust and honesty.

– Developing independence whilst under the guidance and mentoring of fully qualified teaching and Boarding house staff.- Boarding school graduates are uniquely prepared for university life. Statistics reveal that graduates arrive at universities better prepared for both the academic rigour and social challenges that university present.

– Boarders have more opportunities to do more of extracurricular activities; exercising, playing sports, engaging in music and drama or other club activities.

– With set prep times to do school work and the opportunity to have help with their homework from teaching staff who are on duty, students are prepared for the academic challenges ahead of them.

“Being a boarder at Regent’s is a fantastic opportunity and rewarding in many ways. We embrace internationalism by recognising that no two students are the same, and that student interaction between different nationalities promotes personal growth.” (Ms Katie Banks, Girls’ House Mistress)

Yamaha K-Pop & Hip Hop Christmas Camp at Regent’s International School Bangkok

Join Yamaha’s K-Pop & Hip Hop Christmas Camp here at Regent’s International School Bangkok from 14-18 December, 2020.

Students will get a great workout while learning fun and upbeat moves to their favorite songs, in an open and enjoyable atmosphere. Students will also explore body, energy, space and time whilst learning the fundamentals of K-Pop and Hip Hop.

For more information and appointment for FREE TRIAL class, please contact 093-669-9249


A Visit to the Control Room – An ELD Activity at Regent’s International School Bangkok

Students from Mr Geoffrey’s Y 4-6 ELD (English Language Development) class had the opportunity to interview Regent’s very own Sound and Light expert. Students pre-prepared questions to ask Mr John Mills, and they were invited to the Control Room to learn first hand exactly what it takes to run the light and sound equipment at our school.

A Balanced Meal – A Year 2 Science Activity at Regent’s International School Bangkok

A balanced diet leads to good physical and mental health, and increases the ability to fight or resist diseases. Our Year 2 students have been learning all about the different food groups and what makes a balanced meal.

For the activity, they were given a Tesco receipt and had to use the different foods on the receipt to design their own balanced meal. Then they created their very own wraps using ham, tuna, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber. They were all very tasty!

Year 6 Art Activity at Regent’s International School Bangkok

Our Year 6 students were making clay oracle bones that link to their CCS history topic on Ancient China. They had to create their own oracle bone and then engrave it with Ancient Chinese characters. Oracle bones were important as they were used in Ancient China to predict the future. In the lesson, they were also asked these essential questions : 1. What can be learned about an ancient society by studying artifacts? 2. What makes humans want to predict the future?3. Is it possible to predict the future?

At Regent’s International School Bangkok, we understand the importance of having teachers who continue to be fully trained and up to date in the courses they teach.

At Regent’s International School Bangkok, we understand the importance of having teachers who continue to be fully trained and up to date in the courses they teach. This academic year we have already had teachers in a variety of subjects, including Chemistry, English, History, Economics, Extended Essay and DT, attend official IB workshops. We also currently have teachers doing virtual IB workshops in Business, English and English B.

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