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The following students have been given a special award by their teacher for an exemplary attitude, hard work and dedication to learning. Read on to find out more!

photo (5)KS3
Jija – Y7

Jija has been exceptionally enthusiastic in the first few weeks and is always the first to put her hand up and answer a question. She has worked hard on her speech, and has shown real creativity in her writing.

Dr Sweeting

photo (6)KS4

Beck – Y11

Beck has shown incredible maturity and conscientiousness since the term began. His homework is completed to a high standard, he is giving 100% effort in class and has shown a monumental improvement in attitude since Y10 – well done Beck!

Miss Neill

photo (7)KS5

Mint – Y12

For her commitment, hard work and excellent presentation Mint deserves to be KS5 Student of the Month.  Mint’s work is detailed, thorough and well considered and shows sophistication and maturity in both ideas and execution.  Well done Mint.

Mrs Brookes

KS1 Stars of the Week!

Since beginning of the year the children in KS1 (Years 1 and 2) have been working very hard! Each week the teacher in each class awards 1 child the star of the week certificate. This award can be given by the teacher for a variety of reasons.

The teachers are always looking to reward the children who exhibit excellent learning and learning behaviours, as the ability to work hard and try even harder, even when you make mistakes, will always further children s learning and enable them to reach their goals.

Here are the Stars of the week for the last two weeks…. Congratulations to them all!

Key Stage 2 Stars of the Week

Well done to these students in Key Stage 2 who have worked hard to achieve the title of “Star of the Week” within the past fortnight!

Year 10 Student Wins International Golf Tournament

Jenny Ham in Year 10 is a talented and rising young sports person within the field of Golf. Her strict training regime and diligent attitude has helped her achieve a near scratch handicap ranking; something that takes a competent golfer many years to accomplish.

Jenny Ham Winner

Jenny’s interest in Golf has been known to The Regent’s International School, Bangkok and they have worked in unison with Jenny to aid her development.

Jenny has been successful across many localised Thai Golf championships but has recently made a daring step towards fulfilling her dream of playing professional Golf by winning the “World Stars of Junior Golf Masters” which took place at Badlands Golf Club, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Jenny shot a combined 3 day score of 5 under par in testing conditions. Her focus and attention to detail during the competition is testament to the numerous hours of dedicated practice that she fits in around a full academic schedule at Regent’s.

We wish Jenny more success as she perseveres to become a truly well rounded leader of the future!

By Mr. Lee Burns, Head of Physical Education and Sport


The “World Stars of Junior Golf” Tournament was an invitational event in which I had to pass a 4 day stroke play qualifying game at The Pines Golf and Lodge Club to play in. My success of achieving first place with a score of 2 under par secured my chance to play.

Playing at the “World Stars of Junior Golf Masters” which took place at Badlands, Las Vegas on the 22nd-24th July 2015 was not an easy task; as you can tell by the name of course it was really challenging. The desert wind, the steaming hot weather which rarely dipped below 40 degrees and the high standard of mutual competitors meant I needed to be at the top of my game across all 3 days of competition.  

It was my first time participating at this tournament and I really enjoyed the challenge it posed to me. During the first day, I shot a score of 2 under par (which help me secure a lead of two strokes). Day 2 proved more challenging mainly due to poor weather conditions. I ended the day with a score of 2 over par, which left me on an even total overall. I was mindful that I was still ahead of the field by one single shot. The third and final day of the tournament saw me stretch my lead farther and beyond the rest of my competitors as I shot a 5 under par. My reward was being crowned champion of Class B (Yr 13-14) division.
Travelling halfway across the globe and representing my Country and the Regent’s International School, Bangkok was a truly inspirational experience. I tried my very best to represent both with hard work and determination. I had a really enjoyable time; I thrived playing in conditions that I had not previously experienced and I learnt a lot from other players which will without doubt help me on improving my game for the future endeavors.

by Jenny Ham, Year 10

The Secret of Success

IMG20150827151226[1]Hard work is at the heart of success. As the great Thomas Edison once said: “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.”
No footballer rises to the top of their game without hard work. No doctor rises to the top of their profession without hard work. No student rises to the top of the class without that very same hard work.
That is why at The Regent’s International School, Bangkok we credit students who work hard.
From this term, we will be looking closely at our students’ grades for Effort, Independent Study & Participation. Those students who work hard will be given special privileges. We will also be using Plus Points for outstanding work and behaviour. Those students who get a lot of Plus Points will be given prizes.
Thomas Edison also said: “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”
Some students don’t try because they are scared of failure. But failure isn’t always a bad thing. If we’re going to take risks, then we are going to fail at some point. If we’re not making any mistakes, then we’re probably not trying hard enough.
In my opinion, whoever makes the most mistakes will, in the end, be the greatest success.

By Mr. Charles Barrow, Deputy Head Secondary

IB Diploma Results and Class of 2017 Induction

As I am sure our whole school community has already heard, our IB Diploma Class of 2015 simultaneously smashed our own school record and achieved the highest average score in the whole of Thailand. We are immensely proud of the hard work and dedication shown by these students, combined with the support provided to them by both their families and their teachers.cropped-rembrandt-8-web3.jpg
These students have gone on to some of the most prestigious universities in the world, including, in the UK, Cambridge, University College London and London School of Economics; and in the US, UCLA, Chicago and Penn State. We wish them well as they continue to represent The Regent’s School as our alumni in the wider world.

This week we welcomed another 37 students into our Sixth Form as the Class of 2017 and hope they enjoy the journey they have just begun. The group consists of students from Armenia, China, Kenya, Japan, England, Thailand, Nepal, Estonia, Nigeria, India, Finland, Italy, the Republic of Korea and the Kingdom of Bhutan.

With their tutors, they took part in a range of introductory activities to the course of study and discussed some of the key requirements which they must fulfil. In addition to this, they began to work as teams in a range of activities designed to help them to understand each other. Great fun was had by all and we hope our new Sixth Form students continue to grow as a team this year.

By Mr. David Butcher, Assistant Head – Sixth Form

KS2 Achieving Academic Excellence

Welcome back to all KS2 students and teachers! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday and are enjoying coming back to school for this new year. On Wednesday we had our first KS2 Assembly where we saw our first KS2 Stars of the Week. It was a difficult decision for all teachers who are all having a brilliant time with their new classes! An excellent achievement for all these students. A special welcome must also go to Mr Ryan Mann who joins our KS2 teaching team; we hope you love working at The Regent’s and in KS2 as we all do!

By Ms. Joya Noble, KS2 Coordinator

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