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Welcome to our new boarders!

Copy of football night-1721The Regent’s Boarding community would like to wish our new boarders a very warm welcome. In the girls’ house Mlena, Sylvia, Angela and Shelley have joined us from China and Jimin has joined us from Korea. In the boys’ house, we are pleased to welcome Mike and David from China and Mou from Thailand who is coming back into boarding to spend more time with his friends. We hope all our boarders have a fantastic term.

Coming Up In Boarding

Last weekend’s activity was a paint-balling trip which a small number of our boys attended. I think they enjoyed the opportunity to shoot at staff members! Much fun was had, and importantly no injuries! There was also an impromptu football game between the students and the boarding staff. Although outnumbered and with a low percentage of the possession, I am pleased to say that the staff were triumphant displaying some effective counter-attacking football.

Coming up this weekend we have organised a BBQ social on Friday evening. Saturday during the day is one of our service projects. We have some students from a local football initiative, aimed at keeping young children off the streets, coming to use our facilities. We will organise a small tournament for them and finish with a refreshing dip in the swimming pool. On Saturday evening students will be able to visit the mall for some shopping, to watch and movie, and/or have dinner.

By Mr. Gavin Terry, Head of Boys’ Boarding

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Boarders’ Half Term Trip to Chiang Mai

After a long half term at school, our boarders had earned a well-deserved break. Our Year 11 students could not relax completely, however, and had to revise for their IGCSE Mathematics exams. They continued working hard in the first few days of the holiday and we wish them the best of luck in their exams.

Most of our boarders signed out with their families for the half term break but ten students remained and staff arranged a five day trip to Chiang Mai in northern Thailand to give them a change of scenery from city life.

Chiang Mai offers a wealth of opportunities and experiences that we hoped would give a good insight into Thai culture for our international students. After an afternoon flight and a relaxing evening spent in a local restaurant, we spent our first full day in Chiang Mai exploring Bhubing Palace and the famous Doi Suthep temple. The scenery up in the mountains was breathtaking, as was the climb up the temple steps! Everyone made it though, and despite the big crowds, there were still plenty of opportunities for scenic photos and the all important selfies. In the afternoon, we visited Sankhampeng, a local town famous for traditional umbrella making. We got a chance to see how these are skilfully made and beautifully decorated.

The next day was more relaxed, and students enjoyed the opportunity to explore the old town, inside the ancient city walls. They visited several temples and coffee shops, and were challenged to photograph as many temples as they could. Staff made the most of the opportunity to relax with a Thai massage from former female prisoners as part of a rehabilitation programme.

On the third day, we had an early start when we were picked up to be taken to Elephant Nature Park. This is a fantastic charity that rescues and cares for some of Thailand’s elephants. Elephant rides are prohibited, as the training process is extremely cruel, and mahouts are instead trained to build relationships with their elephants without using a metal hook. It was fantastic to see these rescued elephants in a more natural and peaceful environment after a heartbreaking start to their lives. We got the chance to feed the elephants, walk the park to meet and learn about their different stories, and to wash the elephants in the river – which was a real highlight of the trip. Despite a tiring day, our students were keen to visit the weekend night bazaar in the evening and put their bartering skills to the test as they shopped in the many market stalls.

We started our last day in Chiang Mai with a boat trip along the Ping River with a fruit and juice stop at a traditional Thai farmhouse. We stopped for lunch at a riverside restaurant, before heading back into town for foot massages – well deserved after all those days of walking! After collecting our bags we then made our way to the train station for the last leg of our journey – the sleeper train back to Bangkok. This was a new experience for all involved, sleeping overnight in little bunk beds as we travelled back to Bangkok. Everyone managed to get some sleep, although I think extra Sunday naps were required once we got back to the boarding house in preparation for school on Monday!

By Mr. Gavin Terry, Head of Boys’ Boarding

Bobbling Along in Boarding

Last weekend we welcomed Bangkok Bobble Football to our boarding campus. Twelve of our students had great fun bumping into each other playing football inside giant inflatable bubbles. The staff were happy to get involved too, and students enjoyed trying to knock them over! Ichigo was the only girl, and did a great job taking on the boys, managing to knock some of them over. She did end up upside down a few times herself though!


The rain has hampered many of our outdoor activity plans. Most evenings sports activities on the grass have had to be changed to indoor ones, and one of weekend cycling trips had to be postponed in favour of a dry trip to the mall instead. With a miserable forecast for the coming week we have also had to postpone our hotly anticipated ‘Staff vs Boarders’ sports evening until after the half term break in November. Our boarders are disappointed, but it gives the staff more chance to practice so it can be a closer game!

New Captains and Vice Captains of Boarding

We were also proud to present our new Captains and Vice Captains of Boarding with their badges in a Secondary assembly, deservedly recognising their achievements in front of the school. We hope they wear them with pride and continue to serve the Boarding House well.

By Mr Gavin Terry, Head of Boarding

A busy first few weeks in Boarding

We have almost been back a month now and what a busy start we have had! Our boarders have settled into new routines and have been making the most of the extensive activities programme that has been set up our GAP staff. At the moment football has been a very popular evening activity choice, and the boys are currently preparing for a match against Ascot School. We are also arranging an evening of Sports against the Regent’s School staff on the 9th October, followed by a BBQ! The whole house also attended the school’s 20th anniversary celebrations at the Thai Cultural Centre, which was a great night out enjoying the many musical talents of our school.

house captains-3921
The captains and vice captains of Boys’ and Girls’ Boarding

Weekend trips continue to provide boarders with the chance to get out of the house to experience something new. Wakeboarding, the zoo, ice skating, the mall, karaoke, and bowling have all been offered so far. Staff have also been coming into the house on Wednesday evenings to offer activities such as jewellery making, cooking, and drawing.

We would like to offer our congratulations to Chad Lee and Lita Theng who have been selected as Captains of Boarders, and to Rajan Roka and Akari Tokuchi who will be Vice Captains of Boarders. They will be acting as a voice for their fellow boarders and liaising with staff to improve the boarding experience. We wish them the best of luck in their new roles, and are confident they will do the house proud!

by Mr. Gavin Terry, Head of Boarding

Welcome back from Boarding

11873645_951512964890295_4573933561101242344_nSunday 23rd August 2015 saw the school’s boarding house open its doors to the new school year, welcoming back existing and new boarding students alike.

A boarding orientation event was held to introduce new parents to the team of staff responsible for the Boarding House. It gave us a chance to outline our philosophy for the coming year and some of the features that will be in place to provide the best opportunities and experiences for our boarders.The event was extremely well attended with extra seating having to be brought in at the last minute!

We would like to thank all parents and students who attended. We are looking forward to a great year and to keeping you up to date with news from the Boarding House. A very warm welcome back everyone.

For more information about Boarding please contact Gavin Terry ( for the Boys’ Boarding House, or Tamsin Harrison ( for the Girls’ Boarding House.

By Mr. Gavin Terry, Head of Boarding

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