11873645_951512964890295_4573933561101242344_nSunday 23rd August 2015 saw the school’s boarding house open its doors to the new school year, welcoming back existing and new boarding students alike.

A boarding orientation event was held to introduce new parents to the team of staff responsible for the Boarding House. It gave us a chance to outline our philosophy for the coming year and some of the features that will be in place to provide the best opportunities and experiences for our boarders.The event was extremely well attended with extra seating having to be brought in at the last minute!

We would like to thank all parents and students who attended. We are looking forward to a great year and to keeping you up to date with news from the Boarding House. A very warm welcome back everyone.

For more information about Boarding please contact Gavin Terry (gavin.terry@regents.ac.th) for the Boys’ Boarding House, or Tamsin Harrison (tamsin.harrison@regents.ac.th) for the Girls’ Boarding House.

By Mr. Gavin Terry, Head of Boarding