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Parents’ Evening – Wednesday 14th October

Next week, we are looking forward to a Parents’ Evening with a difference. Instead of teachers all sitting in the foyer and in the corridor on the 2nd floor, teachers will be in their rooms, so that parents can see where their children learn every day.
We are also planning to try to help all parents to go round to see their children’s teachers, especially those who do not feel comfortable speaking English.

In this round of reports, students will be given a grade for Effort, for Independent Study and for Participation. The grade will be from 1 to 4, with 1 being the best and 4 being the worst. The grade for effort is about how hard the students try. The grade for independent study is about how good the students are at doing things by themselves. The grade for participation is about how much the students try to speak to the teacher and other students.
Also, we will no longer be reporting on National Curriculum levels. We will be providing a grade from A* to E at KS3, a grade from A* to U at KS4 and a grade from 1 to 7 at IB. A* (or 7) is the best and U (or 1) is the worst. We are hoping that parents will all understand these grades, which predict how your child will do in the future if they progress in an average way. (Students at this school, of course, have a record of progressing in a better than average way.) You will also be able to compare more easily how your child is doing in different subjects.
We look forward to as many parents joining us as is possible. But, please remember that if you cannot make a parents’ evening, you can still book an appointment at another time through phoning up the school or emailing your child’s tutor.

By Mr. Charles Barrow, Deputy Head Secondary

iPad Workshop for Primary Parents

iPad Workshop for Parents

iPads in Upper Key Stage 2

In September 2013 we launched The Regent International School’s BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiative in Year 6. In August 2014 we extended BYOD to Year 5 with great success. At The Regent’s we strive to make learning as meaningful as possible for our students and by integrating technology into the classroom we are meeting the needs of learners in this digital age. This year we are installing Apple TV in the Year 5 and 6 classrooms to further enhance the use of iPads by allowing them to connect wirelessly to the projector, enabling learning to be shared from any iPad. We have also installed a new wireless printer so the students can print their work.

How are iPads used in the classroom?

Everyday use across the curriculum

  • General applications including stopwatch, timer, calculator.
  • Dictionary & thesaurus.
  • Kidspiration app for mind maps.
  • Filming – learning processes, gathering data, storytelling, making reflections, self-assessment etc.


  • Speaking & Listening – recording reading stories, sharing as a group and uploading to YouTube channel.
  • Reading – apps including DOGONews, Lexia Reading, Aesop’s Fables and online websites including Newsela.
  • Writing and Drama – Creating and performing scripts using video or apps including Sock Puppets.


  • MyMaths – students are very familiar with this app. It is used to deliver lessons in class, independent learning, activities and homework. It must be accessed through the Puffin Academy app, from where students must select MyMaths NOT
  • Mathletics app – real time challenges against classmates, other schools and countries. Leaderboards are reset daily and it is not unusual for The Regent’s to appear at the top!
  • There are many apps available for practicing maths skills including IXL Maths.


  • Kidspiration – for mind mapping what students know already and what they wish to find out.
  • Research – independent or guided using search engines such as Google and learning how to find reliable information from a range of websites.
  • Quark DesignPad – for making brochures and leaflets.
  • Purple Mash – a vast range of activities are available on almost any subject.


  • Student Assessment & Reflections – students can quickly and easily reflect on their learning by making a short video.
  • Socrative app – this gives instant feedback and results can be printed as a pdf. Assessment can take the form of multiple choice, open questions or a mixture of both.
  • Google Classroom – students can upload work which can be assessed by the teacher, commented on and graded online.

Google Classroom

  • All students have their own school gmail account.
  • Announcements and information is provided here and students can comment on these and communicate with each other.
  • Teachers post useful websites and videos to support learning.
  • Electronic homework can be set and graded using Google Docs.

Apple TV

  • This is the latest technological development at The Regent’s School.
  • Students will be able to view and share work directly from their iPads onto the whiteboard.

If you would like to view the presentation again, please follow the following link:

Reception Maths Workshop

Miss Helen hosted a very successful maths workshop. The presentation was about how the maths curriculum is covered with in class also how parents can support their children at home.
Miss Helen invited parents to her classroom, where she had set up maths activities.
Thus parents were able to see more practical activities – it was a very informative afternoon. 

Look out for more workshops in the future – we hope you can continue to join us!

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