Next week, we are looking forward to a Parents’ Evening with a difference. Instead of teachers all sitting in the foyer and in the corridor on the 2nd floor, teachers will be in their rooms, so that parents can see where their children learn every day.
We are also planning to try to help all parents to go round to see their children’s teachers, especially those who do not feel comfortable speaking English.

In this round of reports, students will be given a grade for Effort, for Independent Study and for Participation. The grade will be from 1 to 4, with 1 being the best and 4 being the worst. The grade for effort is about how hard the students try. The grade for independent study is about how good the students are at doing things by themselves. The grade for participation is about how much the students try to speak to the teacher and other students.
Also, we will no longer be reporting on National Curriculum levels. We will be providing a grade from A* to E at KS3, a grade from A* to U at KS4 and a grade from 1 to 7 at IB. A* (or 7) is the best and U (or 1) is the worst. We are hoping that parents will all understand these grades, which predict how your child will do in the future if they progress in an average way. (Students at this school, of course, have a record of progressing in a better than average way.) You will also be able to compare more easily how your child is doing in different subjects.
We look forward to as many parents joining us as is possible. But, please remember that if you cannot make a parents’ evening, you can still book an appointment at another time through phoning up the school or emailing your child’s tutor.

By Mr. Charles Barrow, Deputy Head Secondary