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TISAC Junior Mathematics Relay Competition

On Friday 13th November, 2015 The Regent’s School sent 4 teams of 4 students to the TISAC Junior Mathematics Relay Competition. The Competition was held at Ascot International School. The students who participated were:

Team 1: Baipat Phongprapat Y7, William Wang Y8, Sarah Khor Y9, Molly Wei Y9
Team 2: Jessie Choi Y7, Plub Sakulkerewatana Y8, Sunny Park Y9, Gain Unakul Y8
Team 3: , Andy Song Y7, Alex Sangthongnirundorn Y8, Khawpann Visutthiwong Y9, Natasha Denisyuk Y9
Team 4: , Conc Aroonpairoj Y7, Shree Dubey Y8, Fay Sinchai Y7, Anzu Ito Y9

The best placed team out of the 22 teams who competed was Team 3 who were joint fourth. There was only a trophy for the first and second placed teams but everybody who entered was given a certificate which will be presented to them in assembly in the near future.

Creative crafting in Early Years

This week the children have been working on their creative skills in the Early Years. The children loved making a range of crafts and having them displayed around the classrooms and shared area. Expressive arts and design involves enabling children to explore and play with a wide range of media and materials, as well as providing opportunities and encouragement for sharing their thoughts, ideas and feelings through a variety of activities. Well done Early Years!

By Eleri Davies, Early Years Co-ordinator

Year 10 Georgia O’Keefe Paintings

The Year 10 Art IGCSE students have been learning about colour theory, the work of Georgia O’Keefe and how to use new media in the form of Acrylic Paint and Canvas. Here is a selection of their work, please come and see the paintings for yourself on display in the Secondary Building.

Parents’ Evening – Wednesday 14th October

Next week, we are looking forward to a Parents’ Evening with a difference. Instead of teachers all sitting in the foyer and in the corridor on the 2nd floor, teachers will be in their rooms, so that parents can see where their children learn every day.
We are also planning to try to help all parents to go round to see their children’s teachers, especially those who do not feel comfortable speaking English.

In this round of reports, students will be given a grade for Effort, for Independent Study and for Participation. The grade will be from 1 to 4, with 1 being the best and 4 being the worst. The grade for effort is about how hard the students try. The grade for independent study is about how good the students are at doing things by themselves. The grade for participation is about how much the students try to speak to the teacher and other students.
Also, we will no longer be reporting on National Curriculum levels. We will be providing a grade from A* to E at KS3, a grade from A* to U at KS4 and a grade from 1 to 7 at IB. A* (or 7) is the best and U (or 1) is the worst. We are hoping that parents will all understand these grades, which predict how your child will do in the future if they progress in an average way. (Students at this school, of course, have a record of progressing in a better than average way.) You will also be able to compare more easily how your child is doing in different subjects.
We look forward to as many parents joining us as is possible. But, please remember that if you cannot make a parents’ evening, you can still book an appointment at another time through phoning up the school or emailing your child’s tutor.

By Mr. Charles Barrow, Deputy Head Secondary

Mathematics Certficates Issued

Regent's International School Mathematics Awards

The UKMT Junior Challenge certificates were handed out in assembly on Friday 2nd October. There was a Gold medal for Natasha (Year 9). She was best in her Year and also best in the school. Other winners were Khawpann and Plub with Silver Certificates and Marion, Na, LA, Sunny, Erwin, Baipat and Jessie with Bronze certificates. Congratulations to all of you!

By Mr. Mark Riddelsdell, Head of Mathematics

6N Assembly – iPads and Friendship

We had a brilliant time in 6N creating our final assembly for Primary. Our learning objective was two fold; to learn more about the different applications that our iPads have, and to reflect on our friendships we have in our class and school. A snapshot of the assembly can be found on our Year 6 blog.

By Ms. Joya Noble, Year 6 Teacher

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