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English Learning Environment Awards

Well done to the following students who have demonstrated and promoted the use of the English language in our English learning environment. Keep up the good work and keep inspiring your peers!

PN 1– Abhee
PN 2 – Cougar
ND – Pin
RP – Avril
RN – Tori
1B – Putter N
1W – Ing
2T – Kai
2F – Kane
3V – Pitta
3M – Peggy
4P – Nao
4G – Sophia
5T – Eric
5D – Layla
6N – Bing
6J – Bam

Mr Vosko – Bank 4P
Mr Brown – Yugen 1W
Mrs Sirisom – Kai 2T

U13 Boys Basketball off to a winning start!

A new team brings with it new challenges, and the Regent’s U13 boys Basketball team were no exception to this commonly found experience. With the addition of many fresh faced Year 7’s I was confident the strength’s of the big Year 8’s, namely, Tor, Jimmy, Auto and Dung would be able to influence them positively to guide us to a maiden victory. After much effort, persistence and hard work this target was achieved; each and every student played an effective role in ensuring success none more so than Captain Jimmy Park. His focus ensured the boys raised themselves during the last quarter to clinch a well won victory.

By Mr. Lee Burns, Head of PE & Sport

On Monday 14th September we had our first Basketball match against St. Stephen’s International School. A busy start to the term meant training was limited, so it was hard for us. Our basketball team consisted of Jimmy, Tor, Dung, Auto, Conc, Sam and Andy. Before we started the match I helped coach our new Yr 7 players how to do zone defence. In the first quarter we were losing by 4:0. In the second quarter we managed to draw the scores level at 4:4, and then we start losing again because of low levels of fitness. We found it hard to run and shoot properly. Before we started the final quarter of the game Mr. Burns encouraged us and said we were going to win if we continued to work hard. So in the last quarter we all tried our best and we finally won by 13:10! I was so happy because we won our first Basketball match. It was a hard fought battle with many new players but we all tried our best and we won the game. Scorers were Jimmy 9 points, Tor 2 points and Dung 2 points. I hope we will should good spirit and win the next game also.

Year 7 Basketball Captain Jimmy Park

Year 10 Student Wins International Golf Tournament

Jenny Ham in Year 10 is a talented and rising young sports person within the field of Golf. Her strict training regime and diligent attitude has helped her achieve a near scratch handicap ranking; something that takes a competent golfer many years to accomplish.

Jenny Ham Winner

Jenny’s interest in Golf has been known to The Regent’s International School, Bangkok and they have worked in unison with Jenny to aid her development.

Jenny has been successful across many localised Thai Golf championships but has recently made a daring step towards fulfilling her dream of playing professional Golf by winning the “World Stars of Junior Golf Masters” which took place at Badlands Golf Club, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Jenny shot a combined 3 day score of 5 under par in testing conditions. Her focus and attention to detail during the competition is testament to the numerous hours of dedicated practice that she fits in around a full academic schedule at Regent’s.

We wish Jenny more success as she perseveres to become a truly well rounded leader of the future!

By Mr. Lee Burns, Head of Physical Education and Sport


The “World Stars of Junior Golf” Tournament was an invitational event in which I had to pass a 4 day stroke play qualifying game at The Pines Golf and Lodge Club to play in. My success of achieving first place with a score of 2 under par secured my chance to play.

Playing at the “World Stars of Junior Golf Masters” which took place at Badlands, Las Vegas on the 22nd-24th July 2015 was not an easy task; as you can tell by the name of course it was really challenging. The desert wind, the steaming hot weather which rarely dipped below 40 degrees and the high standard of mutual competitors meant I needed to be at the top of my game across all 3 days of competition.  

It was my first time participating at this tournament and I really enjoyed the challenge it posed to me. During the first day, I shot a score of 2 under par (which help me secure a lead of two strokes). Day 2 proved more challenging mainly due to poor weather conditions. I ended the day with a score of 2 over par, which left me on an even total overall. I was mindful that I was still ahead of the field by one single shot. The third and final day of the tournament saw me stretch my lead farther and beyond the rest of my competitors as I shot a 5 under par. My reward was being crowned champion of Class B (Yr 13-14) division.
Travelling halfway across the globe and representing my Country and the Regent’s International School, Bangkok was a truly inspirational experience. I tried my very best to represent both with hard work and determination. I had a really enjoyable time; I thrived playing in conditions that I had not previously experienced and I learnt a lot from other players which will without doubt help me on improving my game for the future endeavors.

by Jenny Ham, Year 10

KS2 Achieving Academic Excellence

Welcome back to all KS2 students and teachers! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday and are enjoying coming back to school for this new year. On Wednesday we had our first KS2 Assembly where we saw our first KS2 Stars of the Week. It was a difficult decision for all teachers who are all having a brilliant time with their new classes! An excellent achievement for all these students. A special welcome must also go to Mr Ryan Mann who joins our KS2 teaching team; we hope you love working at The Regent’s and in KS2 as we all do!

By Ms. Joya Noble, KS2 Coordinator

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