A new team brings with it new challenges, and the Regent’s U13 boys Basketball team were no exception to this commonly found experience. With the addition of many fresh faced Year 7’s I was confident the strength’s of the big Year 8’s, namely, Tor, Jimmy, Auto and Dung would be able to influence them positively to guide us to a maiden victory. After much effort, persistence and hard work this target was achieved; each and every student played an effective role in ensuring success none more so than Captain Jimmy Park. His focus ensured the boys raised themselves during the last quarter to clinch a well won victory.

By Mr. Lee Burns, Head of PE & Sport

On Monday 14th September we had our first Basketball match against St. Stephen’s International School. A busy start to the term meant training was limited, so it was hard for us. Our basketball team consisted of Jimmy, Tor, Dung, Auto, Conc, Sam and Andy. Before we started the match I helped coach our new Yr 7 players how to do zone defence. In the first quarter we were losing by 4:0. In the second quarter we managed to draw the scores level at 4:4, and then we start losing again because of low levels of fitness. We found it hard to run and shoot properly. Before we started the final quarter of the game Mr. Burns encouraged us and said we were going to win if we continued to work hard. So in the last quarter we all tried our best and we finally won by 13:10! I was so happy because we won our first Basketball match. It was a hard fought battle with many new players but we all tried our best and we won the game. Scorers were Jimmy 9 points, Tor 2 points and Dung 2 points. I hope we will should good spirit and win the next game also.

Year 7 Basketball Captain Jimmy Park