On Monday it was our first After School Gymnastics session at the Thai Canadian Community Sports Centre. The children were all very excited to get on the bus after school and head over to the centre. The facilities were amazing and there were lots of oohs and wows as we walked in. The coaches were fantastic and the children were able to try out all the different equipment in a very disciplined fashion, with an emphasis on presentation.

The children were scored on their dismounts and this week most of us only got zero, but great cheers went up when someone scored a one out of ten! I’m sure as the weeks go by we will all be scoring ten.

All the children said it was the most amazing gymnastics they have ever been to. We had a very quiet journey back to school, with some students having a little sleep on the way. We all can’t wait to go again next week.

by Ms Lucy Golland

Leadership Club

On Friday last week, the Leadership kicked off with an exciting hands on experiment. The task was to build a 7m bridge capable of holding pupils. Leaders were chosen but their team were secretly told to do only what they had been told. This made it an especially challenging task for the leaders because they had to give very detailed instruction, very clearly. After an hour of furiously bolting pieces together, the bridges were half finished. Next week we finish them off and see if they will hold the weight of a pupil.

by Mr. Karl Perkins, Year 4 Teacher

Art club

The Thursday Art group have already got off to a flying start, producing some beautiful drawings.
Our aim is to share our work at the end of term.
Watch this space!

by Ms. Vivian Deveney, Year 5 Teacher