It fills me with pride, when I think about the fabulous effort, that absolutely everyone in 4G made, to make our Rainforest assembly such a huge success. This term everyone has thoroughly enjoyed learning about our Rainforests Topic, and the depth of children’s knowledge, of these precious habitats and their importance to the earth, really shone through in the assembly.

We have all worked amazingly hard, to remember our lines, containing some very, very tricky technical vocabulary, such as ‘absorb,’ ‘basilisk’ and ‘atmosphere.’ The children also showed great maturity, in how they were able to listen to advice on how to make sure that their words were clear and loud, but also delivered in a manner, which would enable the audience to fully understand the important environmental message that was at the heart of our assembly: the earth’s rainforest are under serious threat from deforestation and this is something that affects us all.

We have also had stacks of fun. Making the animal masks was brilliant, exploring habitats and discovering rainforest animals like the sensational tarsier and the super cool basilisk lizard, was both fascinating and highly entertaining. Finally, we mustn’t forget to say a huge ‘thank you’ to Miss Usa, for her assistance with the brilliant masks and costumes, and to Mrs. Lyng, for all of her help with our song about the fearsome green anaconda!

Well done 4G, I’m super proud of you all.

Mr. Gough

PS: Don’t forget everyone; RAINFORESTS NEED YOU!