There’s always fantastic work that goes on throughout school that we thought it would be great to share some! Here’s a great article written by a student in Year 6:

As the eerie sound of loneliness approached, the school had been destroyed. Paper flew everywhere like birds flying through the sky. Books spilled across the floor, lockers flew open as the school stood in silence. The beautiful, perfect school was gone. Gone. Instead it turned into a dirty, damp school. If a school was like that, would you go there?

Sitting down, shivering with fear, the boy realized what he had done. Tears rolled slowly down his face as he wiped them away. He didn’t know what had happened but he knew he had to get out of the school. FAST. Feeling very upset and embarrassed, the boy sat in silence, wondering what to do. He quickly walked out of the school as fast and quietly as possible.

The boy cautiously walked out the school as he passed the police car. Nervously, he crept along the wet grass to grab his huge, colourful bicycle (luckily, the police officer didn’t notice him). The boy pedaled down the street very quickly as fast as lighting; thinking what he had done wrong.

Cycling really fast, the boy jumped off his bike and into his house. As he arrived, he saw the news on TV. He knew it was about him destroying the school. In a hurry, he packed his everyday-things into a small, brown backpack.

Terrified, the boy heard a sound of doors cracking open. He quickly zoomed into the kitchen; his eyes locked on the door. But once he arrived in front of the door, it was locked! The police now had crashed into his house holding gigantic guns.  The boy looked around for keys; his eyes searched the kitchen until he found them lying on the table. He couldn’t go and grab them so surprisingly, he used his magic powers and quickly retrieved them.

The police were now searching the house as the boy disappeared through the kitchen door. The boy appeared in the dark forest. His legs started to quiver, his mouth began to dry up, he was petrified! As he walked through the forest, his feet crunched on the wood.

As soon as the burning sun fell down, the bright moon rose up in the night sky. The lights from the police car shone on him as he made his way through the woods. The police’s flashlight followed him like a shadow as he ran for his life.

Anxiously, the boy ran and ran through the woods until he got kicked by a police officer. He fell down onto his back; he froze.

” FREEZE!” shouted a police officer with an angry, burning face. He was shouting his head off! The boy looked around, seeing hundreds of police officers surrounding him.

” P-p-p- please let me go, ” the boy stammered. He was shivering with fear, begging the police officers to let him go. Cautiously, the boy tried to run but too many police officers surrounded him. He looked at them, their eyes filled with anger as they moved closer and closer.

The boy fell to his knees and covered his face with his arms. In a sudden, he exploded into a million pieces and blew away all the police officers…

By, Minnie 6J