As we hopped on the bus, both the excitement and anxiety had driven us to strive for optimum teamwork and of course, our main goal: have fun. Despite the scorching rays of the sun (almost burning our flesh), the climate did not distract us from the thrilling sensation of chanting out loud and proud “TEAM!” as we commence our first tournament.

Girls football.jpg

We approached the matches with maximal enthusiasm. Whilst watching my team play from the substitute seating, I could sense their determination to honour our school with pride. There was no time for panting or sweat as we were having a shortage of goals (a.k.a we were losing). Our conscience was not fully connected to our foot movement, and that is when we were partially losing hope.

However, we were able to make a U-turn, we turned the wheel and thanks to the spirit of optimism (and excellent coach feedback), we had brought back motivation within the team. We manned up, clenched our teeth and fists and with all our forces, aimed for the goal. Our main strikers, Maryam and Florence outstandingly showcased impressive shots.

Conclusively, we had made it to the finals and gloriously took home third place on our first tournament as a team. We would like to thank Mr Jones, our coach; who has practically been our sixth sense throughout the matches, for always supporting us and giving us the training and strength we needed. This has been an unforgettable experience during our senior year at regents, and we are all looking forward to many more gleeful episodes.