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April 2017

Playing soccer as a sport and for health

At Regent’s we constantly encourage our students to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle and allow them to explore their strengths in sports and physical education. This is one of the reasons we have partnered up with the global leader in football- Chelsea FC Soccer School. Playing soccer is great fun and has many benefits for children. These include:

Teamwork: Soccer is a lot about the rapport among team members, knowing the skill-set of each team member and using that as an advantage to win the match collaboratively. A quality that children can apply for the rest of their life.

Physical Fitness: The sport involves a lot of running and training which means it is the perfect activity to improve stamina and increase bone and muscle strength.  

Competitiveness: Being in a team students will constantly motivate each other to do their best. This motivation plays an important role in making the child more dedicated. When children are motivated and driven they become more successful students and adults who are ready to take up any challenge.

Body Coordination: Due to shifts between kicking, walking and running, coordination is a key to soccer. Every trick performed at various speed and direction makes children better at hand-eye-leg coordination.

IBDP Visual Arts exhibition 2017

The Year 13 Visual Art students have been working very hard towards their final end of year exhibition, between them they produced 58 pieces of artwork and 258 pages in their sketchbooks. They then selected the best pieces to put in their final show, congratulations Pim, First and June.

Student Council Disco 2017

The Primary Student Council held the Spring Disco to raise money for our charity, Good Shepherd Sisters. We had a DJ from Year 13 come to get CAS experience and we also sold snacks, popcorn and pizza at the event. We raised over 35,000 Baht. There were prizes for best dressed and best dancers. It was a great event and fun was had by all.

Boarding Updates – March 2017

On top of the regular trips, and our Sunday Service activity with local children, the last part of this half term has been extremely busy for our students. Some were involved with helping to organise the Smile Carnival event at The National Stadium – a fantastic event to raise money for a very worthy cause.

Some of our Senior Boys organised a meal out for the IB cohort and staff as a farewell meal for our Year 13’s. We went out to a Brazilian restaurant for an all you can eat buffet that left everyone happy and with very full stomachs!

MUN at Regent’s Pattaya


As this is my first MUN conference, it was definitely a nervous experience. My position, in this MUN conference, was the delegate of Japan, in the United Nations Security Council.

Even though our topic sounds a little bit serious (Nuclear disarmament and ISIS), I still found many aspects of this conference to be rather enjoyable and fascinating. During the Conference, the most climatic and interesting part, would be the debating part, where the winners were not directly recognised by their academic intelligence; but were recognised by their skills of providing an answer that protects their idea from criticism. It is the time, for the keenest people, to shine their true selves. I found it very fascinating watching these people do what they were truly born for; as it’s not an ability that the majority possess.

Outside the room, socialising with all the delegates was truly enjoyable, as most of the MUN attendants seemed to possess a very specific characteristic, that I cannot put into words. In general; they are all very confident and clear on expressing who they are and what their interests are. They are all keen and vivacious. I have made many friends from this MUN conference, many of which will definitely keep in touch, and will grow a strong bond of relationships with me.

Overall, it was a splendid experience, where loquacious, keen and confident people should try at least once in their lifetime. Even if you’re not the most keen or loquacious person in your school, this is the experience that will definitely build up the confidence within you, and your speaking skills. Also, the food is nice.

–  By Earth Saereepapsakol (Year 12 student)

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