The second week of Yamaha Summer Courses at Regent’s International School Bangkok was loaded with good fun and music. Here are some photos from the junior drum, junior piano, drum, electric guitar and vocal classes.

Junior Piano is designed for young children. The main topics are Let’s listen, Let’s Play Together and Let’s Sing.

Drum Course is offered for students from beginner to advanced levels. Students learn to play the drums with precision in flexible styles, learning techniques, different dynamics and solo rhythm. Students also develop their aural skills by listening to different styles of music.

Vocal Course is offered for Pop, K-Pop, Folk, Country Vocal and Thai. These courses cover standing posture, breathing, using head and chest tones, singing intervals and scales and warm-up among other aspects of singing. Students will quickly notice progress.

Electric Guitar Course teaches basic to advanced techniques of guitar playing and music theory. Students will learn to play the guitar in a short period of time. We have instructors who specialize in pop, rock, blues, jazz. After the beginners’ level, students focus on in-depth analysis of harmony, chords and styles. Students will learn to play chord charts, solo and rhythm.

The Summer Courses are opened both in July and August from 10.00 a.m. to 6 p.m. To book please call the Yamaha Music Team on 093 669 9249, Line@yamahatheregents.