Natthapoj, Regent’s International School’s alumnus, has just been promoted to Associate Professorship at University of Reading. UK. Here are the details:

Dr. Trakulphadetkrai joined the University’s Institute of Education (IoE) in September 2013 as a Lecturer in Primary Mathematics Education, serving as the Mathematics Specialism Leader on the BA Primary Education (QTS) Programme. In more recent years, he has been taking on a number of leadership roles within the IoE including the Director of Research Communications, the Deputy Director of Postgraduate Research Studies (PhD), and the Chair of the Teaching & Learning Group on Assessment Literacy. Earlier this month, he has also been appointed to serve as the Senior Academic Manager to line manage a group of academics from the 2020/2021 academic year onwards. 

On the research front, Dr. Trakulphadetkrai’s research interests are centred around the use of storytelling (particularly in the story picture book format) to help enrich mathematics teaching and learning experiences. Based on his research findings, he founded the initiative back in 2015. The initiative sets out to help teachers and parents globally to use storytelling to enrich their children’s mathematics learning. The initiative’s website offers valuable and free resources for parents and teachers to achieve this goal. Since its launch in March 2017, the initiative’s website has now been viewed over 530,000 times by more than 120,000 teachers and parents from 200 countries around the world. He has also delivered his popular Maths Through Stories training workshop to over 600 in-service teachers and around 2,000 teacher trainees at 30 universities across the UK and abroad. In the 2019/2020 academic year, Dr. Trakulphadetkrai was one of only five academics across the University of Reading to have received the University Research Fellowship. His Fellowship research project examines the effectiveness of 1,200+ Year 4 children across the South East of England developing their conceptual understanding of multiplication by creating short story picture books about the said topic. 

Since joining the IoE, Dr. Trakulphadetkrai has either won or been nominated for several research- and teaching-related awards and recognitions. (More details can be found here.) Recently, he has also been recognised as Senior Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy.

Nationally, Dr. Trakulphadetkrai also serves as the Co-Convenor of the British Educational Research Association’s (BERA) Mathematics Education Special Interest Group. Previously, he served as an executive committee member of the British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics (BSRLM), the UK Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM), as Chair of the British Congress of Mathematics Education’s (BCME) Communications Committee as well as Co-Editor of the Mathematical Association’s (MA) Primary Mathematics Journal.